Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yay, me!...I masturbated... The Husband.

OK the toddler is on the mend after one last final, well never mind, lets talk more cheerful expulsions..

As you may remember I have hang-ups (wankups?) about self-love. My wife is encouraging me past that. We were discussing the abortive session last night and she was asking, "By the way - when you said that you were masturbating under the sheets last night...." (she hadn't read my post yet) "...Why were you? Especially since you knew I wanted a taste of your yummy man meat." (Well I made up the man meat part but you get the idea.) I explained that I was bound and determined to cum in her mouth with alacrity having just read a nice post on Sweat Shop Sissy's blog about how much his wife appreciated that he came for her during fellatio. My wife, (like his) appreciates seeing results from her polished, knob sucking skills. And I just haven't delivered lately. "Ah, she says than thats perfectly OK!"

I went on to explain to her that I had managed to rub one out early this morning before I finally got back to sleep. At first I couldn't retrace my steps as to what it was that set me to pulling. Finally I remembered.

I was lying in bed in my third change of clothes, down to bare mattress, third blanket, tired, but also bored. Went online to the place she and I have gone, posted a few pictures. (Don't get excited it is pretty much the same (and less) than you see here.)

There was a thread from a couple, she started out tentative, got a little bolder and then was asking about the forum rules on how explicit she could be. She apparently didn't want to run afoul of the rules but had some naughty shots she wanted to post. I like a girl that will follow the rules if I am in position to set them anyway. Moderator told her sure pics of you nuzzling hubby's shorts OK as are nip slips.

In the course of explaining her level of excitement in venturing into the realm of showing the world themselves naked, she had mentioned that the other night she had watched a guy on his cam while her husband went down on her. We had done something similar recently so that rung a titillating bell. She went on to say they were thinking of getting a cam to repay the young man's favor. (I doubt he needs or expects to be repaid, but its a lovely thought!)

We had looked at a pair of web cams the other day and decided we could get in a lot deeper a lot faster than we planned that way. Still the idea of rushing down and getting some cams and taking this couple camming cherry while they took ours was really scintillating. So I abused myself against my will because I knew it was what I really wanted anyway. I didn't even get up in disgust to clean up my mess, just fell asleep in my sweats, knowing that a little of me was by far not the worst thing in our bed lately. Progress.

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