Monday, December 10, 2007

My wife, The Fellatio Artist, is #1! - The Husband

Google is fun. This morning my wife was in top position for the search of "Is wife enjoying fellatio?"

Apparently, not as many husband's as you might think have pondered this question. Google reports 47,000 possible entries for this query. Interestingly a lot of the entries were about the fact that the wife did not enjoy or would not perform this loving ritual.

Fortunately I do not suffer these problems or even wonder if she does enjoy it. What is my secret for getting my wife to truly enjoy sucking my cock? Sadly, I don't have one, she just does. I may have done a few things right in the beginning, but she would have gotten around to her virtuoso performance with or without my bidding. I, The Geek, had very little experience, sexually. I had gone on a series of fairly chaste dates with some very nice, very pretty girls that I still remember fondly, but chastely. I also have sme fond but decidely unchaste memories of one virginal but slutty girlfriend. From her I learned most of what I know about a woman's sexual responses and more or less how a woman's orgasm worked as opposed to my own. This girl would have gladly sucked my cock, had I but asked, but she ( like I) suffered pangs of guilt..... and I cared about her enough not to want to add to her internal conflicts (or mine). She had enjoyed giving and receiving oral from a previous boyfriend but was so conflicted about it in the cold light of day that I just couldn't go there. She did once though after rubbing her little breasts on my cock, lick the resultant cum off my belly, so I got to see a little cock-hunger in her eyes, which was pretty memorable. She went on to find someone even more chaste than I was. I have no idea what she would have told him about her past and her desires, but my hope for her is that she is enjoying performing fellatio and perhaps is anonymously blogging about it as we speak.

I am getting astray of the topic here a bit as I am want to do at times. We were discussing my wife loves to give head. As she has stated in an earlier post, she started young and has enjoyed something abut each of the lucky men who wee attached to the cocks she fellated in preparation of the first time she blew me.

The first time her lips caressed the head of my cock was electric. When we met it was clear to both of us that she was the more experienced. She had never been a shy girl sexually until me, reporting that she tended to give head on the first date. I say this not to imply at all that I look down on her in anyway for this, just that she was a friendly and giving girl, she knew they would like it, she liked doing it, and she was remarkably libertine about it. With me, she was amazed at how long it took me to kiss her, and when I finally did she was reasonably satisfied with the results. As a virgin with a limited set of acceptable expressions for affection I had a fair amount of practice at that. We both were attracted to each other. She was used to being sexually attractive, I not so much. I wanted us to "be good". She wanted us to enjoy each other, but not if there were to be regrets. She was patient with my reticence, if a bit frustrated.

What a pair we made. Me, a repressed, guilt-ridden, chronically-masturbating, virginal sex-addict. She a free-spirited, cock-sucking, cum-swallowing, cheerful, friendly, nymphomaniac. I slowly worked my sexual expression with her up the guilt-ridden point that I had risen to (or sunk to) with the previously ill-fated relationship, and found none of the morning after guilt on her part and sufficient reserves of self-delusion and denial in my own psyche to press the boundaries a bit. One night on her ugly green couch I was grinding away, dry humping with my raging manhood clawing its way past the waistband of my tighty whities and past the open front of my button-fly 501's. I had in mind a repeat of the titty-fucking experience and pressed the head of my cock between them rubbing really against her sternum.

Her lips parted in shock to see my cock headed in the general direction of her thirsty mouth She later reported that she was thinking, "Oh My..he's really going to do this...." I was thinking I wouldn't that I would stop short. I found her mouth too inviting though and I continued to crawl up until I was tantalizingly (for both of us!) within range of her tongue. It darted out and quick as a flash, my oral cherry was devoured. That first time felt wonderful, but I had n idea the delights that would have awaited me if I had let her kneel and control the position the timing the cadence, the depth...oh my the depth. Have I mentioned that my wife can deep-throat like a pro? That is the most amazing thing to see (modestly) 6-7 inches of my dick, encircled by the lips, caressed by the back of the tongue and then with a wiggle and a gasp, it sliding slightly curved down the back of her throat as she chins my abdomen like an athlete touching the bar , or touching his chest to the pavement.

As far as the point of the search as to whether my wife is enjoying serving me orally, this is the one thing sexually that I have the most confidence in. Yes she is easily orgasmic and moans and mewls appreciatively when I return the favor. However, its hard to gauge the strength of her pleasure. Not so with the simple way she makes me feel I am giving her a gift of my cock when I drop trou and guide the head towards her eager mouth. Its just that it makes her wet. We have a little inside joke when we begin to fuck if she seems not quite ready, that we need more "foreplay" and for us (despite that we employ a wide variety of fun sexy activities that clearly are also in the foreplay category, the one thing we mean is that to get her ready I merely have to lay back and enjoy the blow. This often made me feel a little selfish, but not so much so that I was going to yank her by the hair off my cock.

I don't think the average person would believe me if I mentioned in casual conversation, "My wife gets wet from giving head!" She likes doing it so much that it actually might have hindered her ability to truly enjoy cunnilingus. Yes, we have tried the 69 position, if anything we prefer the her on top 69, but she prefers to concentrate on giving the pleasure and considers the pussy worship kind of an interruption to her art. She is delightfully single minded about it during her cock worship. If we take turns, she always enjoyed it, but in a sense was just waiting for her turn to reciprocate.

Lately, thanks to her finding with her little vibe an incredibly orgasmic spot just alongside her clit where a major ganglia of nerves seems to pass through, she has been willing to lose herself and her sense of cock-sucking duty in the bliss of waves of orgasms. A bi=sexual friend of ours made some suggestions. A sort of nibbling technique that was firmer than my previous tonguing efforts, but more gentle than when I would on her direction bite her tender places seems to have helped. It actually seems that lately I am finally catching up on years of oral debt, and I am proud to say she seemed to have enjoyed it without feeling that overwhelming urge to go down on me, although I rarely get away without her at minimum giving t head a lick, and a promise.

Now the last few days, her Aunt Flo has come to visit. In our newlywed days, as soon as her discomfort passed we were throwing down a towel and making up for lost time. Not so much in recent years. Since starting this blog, and just generally re-connecting in a very sexual way as of late, we are resenting aunties interruptions. We are again kicking her out the door early so we can resume making the beast with two backs and looking for creative ways around her intrusion. A couple of nights ago, despite my thinking I would stay manned up for a while, I waxed a good portion of my legs, and being entirely to chicken for a full Brazilian, trimmed then ended up shaving the rest. I have not been totally bare there for 28 years. We both think it looks kind of funny, but it feels amazing to me. She liked how it felt on her tongue and the wonderment and discovery and exploration that led to very much reminded me of the first few times that I watched in wonder as she teased and tongued and tickled to find my most sensitive spots.

I love my cock sucking wife.

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