Friday, December 7, 2007

Manly pictures. The husband.

I think Ive mentioned previously that I hated having my picture taken under any circumstances. There are maybe 3-4 pictures of me in existence from 16 to 26. The wife is an avid photographer and has gotten begrudging support from me of the years in family pictures which seemed a not- unreasonable request.

When I started experimenting with Crossdressing, I found I really liked having my picture taken that way. Interesting side effect of female impersonation was how I felt about my male physique. I used to be pretty skinny and the general commentary I received was that I was slightly effeminate. The art and sophistry of playing dress-up taught me how many visual clues had to be hid that just SCREAM "It's a dude!" My jaw, my shoulders, my hands, my but, hips all give me away.

I have been going through the process of going to a work in a very rugged, manly man environment. I felt that until I got thorough the hiring, process. As a recreational, straight crossdresser I don;t see it as a 'need' more of a fun kink, (I think). I have avoided waxing for the last couple of months which is silly since plenty of manly athletes are smooth, but never-the-less, thats what I did.

Now that I can shave again, I am kind of anxious to shave because I want to see how she and I look in lesbian porn. On the other hand, I can shave anytime and it'll take a month or so to butch up again.

I wasn't that interested in pics of my manly side until recently when she ran across a thread with a really good photographer who is his own model. I am not sure what she liked more his pics or his abs. I found them interesting in that it wasn't the usual 'dick pics' even though he has shown it in some pictures. The were oddly tasteful. Odd perhaps only to me, because I think in most cases the male form (including my own) looks a little silly especially when erect. I like most straight porn aficionados have learned to tolerate a dick or two in my field of view as long as it is part of the action so to speak.

I am going to try posing for my wife's camera and see how they turn out. depending on how silly I feel during or after the shoot, I may post them up. Don';t hold your breath. :)

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Venus Eyer said...

Any pictures of your pics cross-dressing? My ex-bf and I used to cross-dress for fun - he in a dress and me in a suit. We even went out dressed like that.
Lovemaking later was incredible.
Have you guys tried that?