Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fingers or Tongue? - The Husband

True, the fingertips with their friction ridges and high concentration of sensory nerves enables me to feel your "... flesh, the soft wet satin of your pussy". You fail to consider that in addition to the tactile sensation there is also the element of taste, and fragrance.

Tell you what, How about I finger you to say your first half dozen orgasms tonight and then follow with some cunnilingus for the next six? Then we can compare notes.

I do feel a little guilty I confess. You do seem to enjoy your pussy, like when you had that intense orgasm in under a minute today, just because you can. It cannot compare though to the joy one gets from getting your face down in a freshly scrubbed one and performing a little pussy worship.

I'll have to find you some of your own to enjoy some day.

Oh and by the way - we got a Google hit today for knob polishing. Wouldn't want to disappoint our fans, so if you aren't to tired after a dozen or so orgasms.....

Oh for the record the orgasms from the tongue were louder it seems than the ones from fingers. Also she was able to count off the first 6 orgasms from fingers, but when I switched to tongue she cheated and continued to hum along rather than announcing the orgasm, so its possible that she stole a couple of extra orgasms in the middle somewhere. It even out though because I cheated to, I didn't just use my tongue, I did get my teeth involved too.

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Scintillio said...

Now to be scientific here... you need to take next Sunday and reverse the order... first 6 with the tongue and then next 6 with the fingers. LOL