Monday, December 24, 2007

Cam Testing 1-2-3.... The Husband.

So, we bought a cheap web cam the other day....Scintillo happened to be on when I was fiddling with it figuring it out. Given that the wife was sans make-up but with cold sore and so not in the mood, I kept it trained on the bedspread. He got treated to a lovely view of the spread and was kind enough to confirm that yup its a cam. Not bad $30 for two in the clearance at Mart du Wal.

Next attempt was as mentioned below I met an extremely articulate girl that must have had phenomenal S.A.T. scores which seemed exactly the right sort of fit for a text intensive watch-us-on cam session. My wife didn't know whether I was serious or not, but went along with it in role play fashion as we pictured what this girl might be like in person. Neither of us have so much as a picture or even a description of her, but I find her compelling. The intensity of the role play combined with having the girl waiting and willing in the background like our own personal porn star fluffer meant I didn't last long enough to explain to her I was very much serious about having found us a young sprite.

By way of background as to why she never knows for sure just when I am serious, I have a way of crying wolf, well and actually making wolfish noises in the background. I delight in surprising her or even better getting her adrenaline up for a surprise she isn't quite ready for. Once for example I rented a room at the very hotel that I lost my virginity in for our one year anniversary. I pretended that we were just going to go there to eat a piece of our frozen wedding cake as tradition dictates. I had previously left our room open a crack and making out in the hall with her, I leaned against our door and pretended it had just come open and it was not actually our room, she protested but only mildly when I drug her over to the bed, saying lets just have a quickie as long as this room is empty.

Another time we had been role playing a threesome. I tied her up then told her hang on a minute, and pretended to sneak to the door, let someone in and spoke in hushed whispers to them, she almost bought that one.

So the next day, my linguistically gifted new friend was online at the same time as a blogger we have met online recently, the blogger's husband was dragging her away from the computer for some cunnilingus which seemed a fine way to spend the afternoon. I persuaded my wife to pawn off the toddler. She was not feeling primped and ready for her close-up so I didn't push until she was in the throes, then I reached for the cam..It wasn't there!! I persuaded her to masturbate while I looked for the missing cam and finally came up with it. Switching it on with a hurried hello to my friend I treated her to a very blurry, barely discernible fuck-fest that at least appeared to be flesh toned. Made a note to dig up a tripod.

Today, I was online with an exhibitionist friend and the blogger from the day before. I mentioned that I'd show both of them my cock except I was babysitting and that seemed inappropriate to say the least. They both expressed enthusiasm. when next my wife wandered into the room I asked if she wouldn't mind if she took the toddler so I could show them my dick..Yeah right, she said. Partly because what an audacious thing to ask ones wife, but mostly she knows "The Mighty Cudgel" is camera shy. WHen I assured her that I was actually serious, and that I thought it might be good masturbatory therapy, she acceded. I'm a little dumbfounded that a) I could ask such a thing, and b) that she would acquiesce.

SO well, I did, like a stallion...I think the camera must be slightly convex, or else I was awfully excited...afterward, when she pointed out the incongruent nature of me being able to rip one off on cam while feeling silly with her in person. We discussed maybe I should do a close circuit feed for her. Yes, it is beyond weird, but we are pushing the psychological frontiers of my tortured psyche. So back in the room and alone, I found that I felt not silly at all. She tells me for 16-17 years that I have a lovely cock and it takes a couple of strangers echoing the sentiment to internalize it. So I'm going at it she is cheating by teasing my balls and perineum and I am OH so close despite having just tossed one off, and the kids knock on the door wanting to drop the needy toddler back in our laps...oh well anothe time. Important thing is I CAN do it another time.

So cam, $30. Doing more good than years of therapy, $Priceless.


Scintillio said...

Hey and I think I got to be the first viewer or one of the first... thank you!

Now mind you it was an empty view of the bed sheets, but hey I was an early adopter (viewer)... LOL

Have fun you two and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the webcam in action!


Boyfriend said...

I've considered seeing if Girlfriend would want to have sex on camera for some anonymous viewer to see and we've talked once or twice about it but we're always worried about someone recognizing us.
I still think it would be fun. I've always been very turned on at the idea of being watched.