Friday, December 28, 2007

That First Tingle of Attraction is Delicious - The Geek

The look returned, the click of a pair of heels, the swish of a skirt, the pout of a lip, the word read, the wonderment of what promise that person holds. I was thinking about this tonight as I played a silly little word association game. There were few people on, and a relatively new poster was posting. I know nothing of her at all, not the most minimal of description. SO far I see only that she likes soulful music and uses soft and gentle terms when associating terms on a suggestive thread. Not much to go on, but still a little tension, drawn taut makes one feel electric doesn't it?

Next when that person took their sleepy self to bed I meandered through other threads till I happened upon a thread of a person probably on the other end of the age spectrum that I have long admired. I happened to have something to say on the subject and in a whimsical mood, posted a Seuss-esq response. When it seemed to elicit a giggle I pressed on with more rhyme then a haiku. I found myself wanting praise for my sophomoric poetry. Here the attraction is her rapier wit and better, her smiling at mine.

It makes me think of what would have attracted me to my wife, my soul mate if we had met 17 years later and online instead of in "real life". Without question her quick mind, sense of humor and mad typing skills. There is a thread where you drop a letter and add a letter creating a new word. I play with her over her shoulder. Not only does she solve the puzzle faster than I, she can often link the word to the previous word in some other way. How sexy is that? Then there is the whole open-minded thing. Not every woman, nor even every bi-sexual woman is going to "get" the sexuality of a heterosexual crossdresser. She is open enough to people that i can easily see confiding such a thing to her (if I had known it about myself) while still strangers. Then there is that flirtatious nymphosity...what more could a man want?

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