Monday, December 10, 2007

We got an honorable mention on the web.

The Fellatrix had a good post a day or two ago dealing with negotiating a blow job or its near equivalence out of your significant other. The main point that I took from it was that if you can find out what parts of the process your partner likes and doesn't, you can close to if not exactly what it is you want out of (er or into) you partner's mouth.

A little excerpt from her post:

There are essentially two areas of negotiation in what will occur during a blowjob, and you must agree on both before any activity takes place. There is a list for each area below.
  1. Establish the limits on which parts of his penis she will stimulate and exactly how the stimulation will take place.
  2. Agree on whether or not stimulation will proceed to ejaculation, and more importantly, where the ejaculate will end up. It is helpful to establish a 'warning word' to use when ejaculation is imminent, in case it's not obvious. Something other than "thar' she blows!" would be appropriate

Apparently commentary on her post on the web was filled with sophomoric comments like just grab her by the hair and shove her into your lap. I am not surprised that locker-room bravado would be bandied abut from the privacy of anonymous message boards while their wives or mothers were upstairs asleep. What surprised me was that we were apparently the only commentators that were appreciative of the post. It really is a good road map for anyone that wants to get some head, and isn't sure why their wife isn't going for it.

There must be some call for her kind of advice, just look at my recent post about a Google search that found us because they wanted to know "Is wife enjoying fellatio?"

Even though I lucked out and found a girl that likes the view from the end of my cock, it has taken some communication to maximize the enjoyment for both of us.

A good example of this is that during one of the early sessions, she stopped and inquired if everything was all right. Apparently I had my yes screwed shut in an exaggerated way. I didnt realize I was doing that. I mean I knew my eyes were closed. I was so astounded at the idea that this pretty, well adjusted girl had my "Pee-Pee" in her mouth that I was afraid to upset the applecart by letting her see me leer at her. I mean I had a front row seat to every voyeur's dream, a cute girl gobbling cock like a porn star. I guess I sort of thought if she noticed me drooling at the sight she would suddenly notice how slutty that looked and she might stop. She patiently explained that looking slutty was half the fun of it and that fellatio is a visual medium as much as a tactile one.

Back to the moronic ideas some guys seem to have. I have tried the waggling it in her face in a jesting manner, that doesn't work. Yes in the heat of the moment she enjoys being objectified, but not until the pilot light has been lit. Some of the jokesters were bragging about the fine BJ's they had 'negotiated' out of professionals in their worldly travels. I can see how a pro has the practice to get the tactile part right, and if they have good acting skills the visual part could be really convincing. But in the end, sticking your dick in the mouth of a girls you paid for exactly that service seems hardly as exciting and kinky as watching the mother of your children, the demure looking girl you sit next to in church, the girl that sucks you off because she likes the way you taste. Much better I think.

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Thanks for the support! You said it a lot better than I did, I think.