Saturday, December 15, 2007

That's LOVELY, Dear. - The Husband

Do you have a word that is purposely overused in your household?

For us it is "Lovely". It takes on all different meanings depending on the shading I give it. It started because at some point the wife had done something crafty and wanted my opinion on its brilliance. I was distracted and in "newspaper" mode as I call it based on the non-distinct grunts you could get out of my dad when he read the newspaper. He was rudely transparent about not listing. That wasn't y intent, I just was in my left brain when she asked and although that side has a several thousand world vocabulary, I don't write poetry with it. I have always had a bit of a bifurcated brain structure. Like I can't count and dance, but if I don't count I can dance.

Lovely can mean now, "meh, not really into it, if delivered with a frown" or Thats actually clever but I choose to deny you discernible feedback just because I am a sadist." if delivered with a grin.

I often say after a particularly raunchy romp "That was lovely, dear."

My wife is actually quite lovely so its a shame such a nice, gentle superlative got co-opted. She remembers the first intimate complement I gave her was "You know, you are really lovely". Apparently delivered in a nice Chinese restaurant sitting side by side as I turned to look at her.

We were sitting here just now discussing this because of a modification of my sigline on a forum, where I mean lovely in the adoring sense. It occurs to me though that the sig points to pictures that are, well , post romp lovely.

So I said to her with a sly grin. "You know dear, you are lovely....wait....and you suck a lovely cock!" . Gazing winningly, she rejoined, "You do have a lovely cock, and I do suck it on occasion."

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