Saturday, December 22, 2007

Does Your Wife Enjoy Fellatio? - The Geek

Recently she was the top of Google for "Is wife enjoying fellatio?" Apparently, not many husband's have wondered this. Google reports only 47,000 possible entries for this query. Interestingly, many entries were about a wife who did not enjoy or would not perform this loving ritual.

What's the secret for getting my wife to enjoy sucking my cock? Sadly, I don't have one. She just does. That she enjoys fellatio, I have confidence in. It's hard to gauge the strength of her pleasure when I 'enjoy cunnilingus'. She moans and mewls appreciatively but still, not with the enthusiasm with which she accepts the gift of my cock when I drop trou and guide the head towards her eager mouth. She makes me feel like I am dipped in chocolate and it makes her wet.

We have a little inside joke if she is not quite ready. "We need more foreplay!" By foreplay we mean I merely have to lay back and enjoy the tongue lashing. This often made me feel a little selfish, but not so much so that I was going to yank her by the hair off my cock.

Most wouldn't believe me, "My wife gets wet from giving head!" Her obsession may have hindered her ability to truly enjoy cunnilingus. Yes, we have tried sixty-nine. She prefers to concentrate on giving the pleasure and considers the pussy worship to be an interruption to her art. She is delightfully single minded about it during her cock worship. When we take turns, she always enjoys it. In a sense though she's just waiting for her turn to reciprocate.

I love my cock sucking wife.


Scintillio said...

You lucky lucky man... ;)

Slutty Wife said...

Awesome post! I can't imagine a woman not getting wet from performing the ancient art of fellatio on her husband.

Anonymous said...

my wife LOVES sucking cock. she gets wet sucking on my hard cock. the harder i am the better she likes it. when we were dating, she would routinely suck me until i came and of course she swallowed it all like a good girl. she has sucked me in the car in front of truck drivers who beeped in appreciation of the show. we have fantasized about her blowing some friends and she gets hot talking about it.she pretends i'm them and says."use me. use my mouth." and she calls me by their names. i adore her she is pretty and a living doll. i love fucking her while she calls me glenn and says," do it. spill your seed in my mouth and make me swallow it or i get a spanking."

Anonymous said...

in fact i guess i've been very lucky. my first girlfriend in HS liked giving head too, or at least she never complained when i unloaded in her 16 year old mouth. i would ruthlessly mouth fuck her as only a teenage boy can and she would gulp down my entire load without a word of complaint.we di it in public too many times in th woods after a motorcycle ride, she would say," so do you want a blowjob?"

Anonymous said...

cont'd i would stand next to my biky and she'd pull her pants down and kneel and start sucking like starving girl. sometimes she'd wipe the precum off my head and suck her fingers clean. aahh youth is wasted on the young,...outdoor showers at the shore with my parents right upstairs. she'd be on her knees, sucking my hard on in a bikini which she would slowly peel off while swallowing my cum.

Anonymous said... wife enjoys showing off. we went to paris a few years ago and there was a technical school across the (very narrow) street from our hotel. my wife would turn the lights on in our room and strip in front of the window while i laid on the bed and watched the lights wink off one by one in the dorms across the street as the young men masturbated. i'd talk to her and tell her about all those young hard cocks squirting cum looking at her, then she'd cum lay on the bed and suck my cock, getting very wet at the thought of all those young men masturbating over her, seeing a big cock in her pretty mouth and the sperm dripping down her chin.