Thursday, December 20, 2007

Domination With a Straight Face. - The Husband

Being a randy S.O.B. this morning's raunch wasn't enough to sate the beast within. Well I thought it was, until she presented her ass. She got some shoes today from an admirer and was taking a picture of them. To do this, she laid on her back, put her ass within spanking distance in a pair of tight jeans and put her legs in the air against the wall as she took a self picture of the shoes.

Naturally, I spanked her. It sounded good, felt good on my hand and she kind of sidled her butt over for another. I told her to lock the door and strip. She said she had to go downstairs to deal with a pan. Huh? She explained that yet again she had boiled a pan dry with this seasonal spice (nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon) that she simmers on the stove to cover the odor of unwashed dishes and laundry and burned pans. This time it was a pan that was ugly, battered, but serviceable that was left behind by one of th 29 roommates I went through before trading them in for a her. This, a grievous sin indeed. I told her as she attempted (in vain I am sure) to scrub the carbon off the bottom to think of a number of swats that she should receive to atone for the loss of my pan. (Did I mention this is the third one in about as many month?) She said "Zero!" I told her I found her number "unacceptable."
Thinking about spanking her got me very hard indeed. Not something I am proud of, just a physiological reaction to a fetish. When she came in, I told her to strip but put on some panties. She did, (locking the door behind her) and rummaged around for some underwear. She grabbed a floral print boy short. "Unacceptable" I say.. I pulled mine off and had her step into them, and put hers on. "On your knees!" I insisted.

I fucked her face a while then remembered the task at hand. "On the bed, face down, ass in the air." She did, a trace of a bemused smile. I thought the angle looked interesting although no woman's behind is flattered in that pose. Being in an unflattering pose was hot in and of itself, so I took pictures. Unfortunately that was with her camera and I'm betting on deletion. We will see. I opened the blinds to let in some natural light and to give that uneasy feeling that her ass being flogged might be seen by someone.

I had her reach under and masturbate in my panties to give her something to do where I considered angles and lighting. Finally satisfied that I had enough pictures of her ass for later humiliation play, I pulled the panties in for a mild wedge exposing more flesh for the spankin'. Rather than a series of red blotches, I wanted a single distinct handprint. A partial wouldn't do and once I had a partial, there would be no chance of lining up a second so I increased te acceleration of my hand through the air to achieve a terminal velocity of about 50% more than I thought I needed for the effect of that. Since her safe word seems to be "OW!" I wasn't going to get a second swat anyway with the one I had wound up in my shoulder. SMMMAAAACKKKKK! It hurt. A lot. My hand was stinging. She felt it too.

She started laughing through the tears. A long time ago we were playing around with spanking. I had kicked the roommates (and the revenue) out of my house and we were christening all the rooms. The middle bedroom with the green shag carpeting had a cheap mirror on the back of the door. I had found a garland of pearls and she was wearing those her bridal heels and the "Nelda Outfit" (a one piece teddy our mutual friend Nelda had given her at her bridal shower.)

There was a stool in the room and we messed around mugging for the mirror. Her favorite was probably when I sat on the stool sans trousers and she watched in the mirror as she bent over wearing those 4" white satin, lace and pearl trimmed, stiletto heels and deep-throated me. I enjoyed having her bend over the stool as I swatted her bare cheeks with my hand progressively harder each stroke until she kept up a throaty sexy patter f oh yes, that fells good, spank me, make it hurt...until it actually did. Then she stood up straight rubbed her ass and said OW that HURT annunciated in clear debate team voice. We still laugh about that. If you can't laugh WITH your sub you aren't really secure in your Dom-ulinity. Besides, she is probably laughing behind your back AT you..(subs do that you know)

Oddly although I shared her mirth I was quite ramped up in my desire to cause her the pain so I was pretty un-apologetic about it. As the bright red hand print raised, I knew it was all worth it anyway..what a pic that will make!..snapped a few as she craned her neck to see it. looking at the display skin she audibly gasped in a "look what you DID to me" way but a quick groping of her confirmed that she was also very very wet...I think more so from seeing the result than the swat itself.

She openingly laughed saying look how dom-ly you still look despite the fact that we are laughing. I pointed out that even though I laughed, I really hadn't granted permission for her to do so. I emphasized my pint with some pressure on her carotids. Sharp intake of breath and then silence. "Better", I said, and meant it. Reaching down I pulled of the panties. "I also didn't give permission for you to cream in my panties." I grabbed the nylon panties and yanked them down over her ass and off her legs. "Look what you've done." I calmly pointed out, as I let her taste the moist gusset I soved it in her mouth.

Taking them out of her mouth, and taking liberties no properly trained sub would she wrapped them around her neck pulling the stretchy nylon taut. "I think you should choke me."

Taking them back I used them to stretch a taught gag like a bit through her teeth pulling hard at the corners of he mouth pulling her smile into a grimace. "No," I explained. "As much as I am getting off on this little scene, I might well take that too far." That seemed to hit the mark. by this point I had worked my way on top of her pinning her and threatening her already abused cunt again with my cock. Working it in I fucked her for a short while before she moved the panty gag aside and complained that it was hurting inside and not in a good way. "No problem," I cheerfully replied as I gently gathered a handful of hair and pulled her mouth down onto my cock. She lasted a little while that way and was experiencing discomfort there too.

Hmm, I say, you are an awfully greedy slut aren't you. You get off by crossing your legs and I don't complain when despite years of practice, you fail to get me off at times. You really need to choose one way or another here (as I put my cock back in her pussy). She complained and came again and again as I fucked her. Do you want me to stop? "No" Does it hurt? "Yes" Is that why you are cumming? "Yes".

I was looking forward to several exchanges back and forth mouth to pussy, pussy to mouth and back, but her writhing and orgasms from every nipple pinch just got me off before I could completely wear her down. All in all, another lovely time was had by me. Dunno about her, I shall badger her to post her version of this.

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