Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Surreal Fellatio. The Husband

Sitting here in bed with morning wood, I'm not so sure I didn't dream this one. On the other hand I didn't wake up in a sticky pool of my own cum and this was definite wet dream material....

A few days ago on a forum we frequent there were some tiny tiny pictures posted by a new member on that forum. She apparently had pictures taken of herself that were too big for the size limitations of the forum. Whatever program she used to shrink them down to manageable size had made them avatar sized, and the rich detail was lost. Many protested that they couldn't see them, and she mentioned that she hadn't the means to optimize the size. Always proactive in the search of porn, I sent her a message offering to resize them for her. They came over as 2560x1920!!!!! I could see every goosebump on her delicious body. With trembling hands, I resized them to 800x600 and sent them back.

Last night I had dozed off, and The Wife comes in. "Wake up!" she said her whisper warm and humid in my ear...."You have GOT to see this!"

Turns out she had some new pictures. These were taken in public it seems, and were just as interesting if not more so than the first set. As my wife scrolled through the pictures, she had me close my eyes and then open them so I could see it picture full size on the screen in a flash. She reached down and stroked ever so gently my already rigid cock, saying, "I THOUGHT you would like these!"

Only 1/2 joking, I said, "You know I'd enjoy these pics a lot more if your mouth was wrapped around the base of my shaft!" Without hesitation quicker than it takes to tell a virtuoso performance was happening before my eyes as I struggled to keep them open as my eyes rolled up and my head lolled back...That was one of the quickest and most thoroughly draining blow jobs she has managed out of me in years. Sure in my mid twenties when could absolutely decide when I would come, she could draw it out forever in sweet torture if when wanted or suck me off in a minute if she wanted to. My cum was on tap at her demand. Now it seems that it takes a bit more to get the boys to give up their hot *spunk.

I am under no delusions that asking my dear wife to suck my cock while I view nudie pics sent to us by strangers on a regular basis is a good idea, but this once, it was HOT. Just in case this is something that she does want to repeat, I should probably have a good supply of such pics on hand. So if you have a picture or two that you past/present boyfriend/husband/amateur pornographer took of you with his camera/cellphone/Polaroid that you kinda want some one to ogle, but REALLY can't be letting it out all over the internet, feel free to send them to us. We promise to spank wisely over them. Send them to peepinourwindow (then the @ sign)

K thnks bye

*spunk...this is a referance to a seriers of private messages my wife got from no doubt a 14 year old typing from a computer he built in his parents basement. In the first message, he noted (after having seeing a picture of the lovely Fellatio Artist in action..) ..that she was an 'experienced' woman (AND HOW!, sez I) and cold be of help to him.

He then went on to ask her 'advice'. He explained his dilemma was that he was blessed with apparently fine seminal fluid producing facilities and was a bit concerned with both the sheer volume of his output as well as the velocity with which his apparently impressive delivery system ejaculated it. He being a sensitive young man was concerned about the many eager younger girls that had in the past and would no doubt in the future perform that gentle gift that is my wife's art. His concern was that it might at times be uncomfortable for them. Not because of the jaw tiring effort to open wide and mind the teeth, but because of the possible intimidating effects of his firehose-like blast of, well, spunk.

Throughout his missive when ever he needed a noun to identify his precious seed, he chose spunk. It was a rather spunky communication. Rather than deleting it as she tends to do with such, his sheer transparent audacity captured her grin, and she composed a reply. Her response was lengthy and designed to sound clinical and basically advised him that whether the girl would be eager to gobble his bounty might hinge on taste. She advised him to take a bold swig of it himself and see if it slides down nicely or whether it requires an anti-bacterial soap chaser.

Quick to respond, he readily assured her that he had received no complaints, and that in point of fact several nymphs had waxed positive about the tasty goodness of his seed. Oh I mean his yummy spunk. He also assured her that he on occasion, being the sensitive guy that he was had pre-tested his spunk with his own palate to be assured that as ever the good host he was laying out a delicious feast of spunk for his bevy of cocksuckers.

This went on back and forth for several messages until I suspect his mom came home from work. He thanked The Fellatio Artist for her time and wisdom and announced grandly that he was going to ponder these things as he masturbated up a fresh load of spunk. She certainly hoped he could hold out long enough for some lucky young girl to get her eager throat around his throbbing member.


lorilei13 said...

Oh my god, I got a message from that same kid! I replied in the same tongue in cheek, clinical manner. And here I thought he saw me as special......(sigh)

Monogamous Couple said...

I was surprised to see her respond at all. It seemed out of character for her to bother with someone like that. He did have the right blend of outrageous cheek couched in polite terms with the odd inappropriate term thrown in.

I kind of figured after about the second time he gracefully and apparently naively swung at the curveball that he had practiced his particular patter quite a bit.