Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lets try this again... - The husband

Baby is better, happy and healthy and a terror once again. Safely asleep and out of the bed, linens once again washed.

Jane is in the shower...smooth soapy and wet...yummmy

Need to get a quick rinse myself then lay back and watch the virtuoso perform.

I'll let you know how it blows, er glows, er grows, er goes I mean!


The fellatio as expected was outstanding. I managed to forstall my excitement and present her with a flacid clean workspace to start from. Always fun to see and feels amazing for a small flaccid nibble grow in her mouth and slowly fetreat out full size a short while later. Great conjuring trick.

Lots of warm wet tongue swirling around the shaft, pressing on that spot under the tip of the head that feels so good, a few shudder inspiring teasing licks at the ABC (Ass-to-Ball-Connection). Short, fast strokes with her mouth following the contours p and over the ridge of my head. a little medium throat wish isn't as impressive looking as deep throat but is what feels the best. I thought for a while I would reward her efforts in a visible way, but the moment passed suddenly as it does sometimes. With her depth of experience she can tell, and usually moves on to other activities, this time lying back for the highly under-rated missionary position.

I started a little filthy verbal encouragement based in part on some pictures she had seen of a young man that she fond aesthetically pleasing and emotionally disturbing as our oldest turns 18 in a couple of weeks. This guy could easily fit in with the 18-21 crowd that or son hangs around in. At some point though I felt I was forcing a square peg in a perfectly nice warm wet round hole. I can do that sometimes. Chasing an orgasm is the surest way to forestall one. She took over the narrative and fleshed out the scene more vividly and with out too much more aerobic activity I had yet another orgasm to ad to my tally for the day.

We have a semi-serious idea of starting yet two more blogs just to track orgasms or maybe just twin counter bars. She will win of course, always, but we thought it might be fun to keep track.

All in all 8 out of 10 for sensations, I think I should have just been more present in the moment This is a mistake I make often trying to cram to much fantasy and role play and positions int what is really a pretty simple effective coupling to orgasm. What is there between us at the moment is enough and I tend to forget that chasing greater highs.

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Scintillio said...

hehehehe... love the fresh out of the shower woman... yummy... and you get some action it sounds like... double goodness!