Friday, December 28, 2007

The Inaugral Fellatio Friday is Here!

Long admirer's of The Felatrix...We of course jumped on the chance to submit some posts to her first ever (of many to come) Fellatio Friday. We thought it was such a grand Idea that we each submitted posts for consideration. It just hit and our traffic count is through the roof...

Here are the posts from all the participants:

Fellatio Friday #1

Here is Fellatio Friday #1, your gateway to hot and spicy blowjob-related posts as submitted to The Fellatrix by their authors. To join the fun and contribute to Fellatio Friday #2, please read the Fellatio Friday participation instructions. Here are this week's submissions:

All This Jew Wants to Do is Blow YOU for Christmas, by a Slutty Wife.

the start of my secret kink/fetish, at My Cock.

Now It’s Face To Face (Delight Part II), by Dirty Debbie.

Just the Head ... from Ambient Storm's Provocative Persiflage

How to Get a Discount,
by Jen at Dirty Couple in Virginia

One of my Finer Blowjobs,
by The Fellatio Artist at Full Contact Monogamy

Phoebes Guide to Oral Sex,
by Phoebe at

First Fellatio,
by The Geek
at Full Contact Monogamy

Tip #4,
from Blowjob Babe at Stroke, Struck, Swallow


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! I'll be curious to hear how your traffic count changes; I'm seeing lots of outclicks.

Selena Kitt said...

What a great idea! It'll give me something fun to write about on Fridays! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Glad I found you. I've enjoyed what I have read wandering around your posts. It's early but I think it's time to go up and molest the wife. :)

The Fellatio Artist & The Geek said...

So glad to have some feedback...get kinky with her and then come back and tell us all how it went, please!