Friday, December 21, 2007

We are Famous! (ERP??!) - The Husband

I had checked site meter and we were on pace for our usual 100-ish readers a day. The average person stays 4 minutes because some who for example Googled recipes and found themselves here flee in terror, and those that find us Googling "Pussy Pics" ogle the Googled for an hour at times. The average reader clicks 3 pages, again because some flee with burning retinas, some click each enlarged picture of her glistening clit, or click to read each time we mention cunnilingous or Fellatio.

Interestingly for a couple calling ourselves "The Fellatio Artist & The Geek" Pussy Worship remains our most common google hit. I mean I have recently picked up a couple of pointers from a sweet Bi-friend on the subject and have learned to enrapture her sufficiently that she doesn't ALWAYS push me away and gobble my cock, but the blow-jobs outnumber the clit-jobs at least 4 to one around here. Not that I am complaining.

An hour or so ago, site meter went NUTS. For a moment it was almost jammed I couldn't see individual stats at all, but we had a spike of 20 people in like as many minutes. there were 9 on reading at once..(woo-hoo virtual orgy!!). When I finally saw where they were coming from my jaw dropped..I went to tell The Fellatio Artist that we had been picked up by FleshBot. I read Fleshbot and have found some GREAT blogs from them. I am fairly new to blogging in general and don't quite get how different types of blogs work. I see FleshBot as maybe some arm of a publishing house or something. I find places like that intimidating so I read but don't comment since they seem not like"regular folks" of course silly because some regular folks had to write every word one keystroke at a time..(although they undoubtedly use more then the three fingers I use.)

Turns out Always Aroused Girl and Jefferson had written the Holiday Grab Bag Edition of the Sex Blog Round-up on FleshBot and had snipped a bit from a post I did. I read AAG everyday, and know Jefferson only by reputation, I cannot believe how many blogs out there that I read will say, I was talking to Jefferson the other day and he said...that guy seems to know everyone. So, Jefferson, if you read this, Uh, Hi, nice to make your acquaintance, Ive heard so many kinky things about you..:)

The funny thing is it was arguably the tames post on here. Kinda intimidating to realize that people who just read how I had enjoyed some gentle kink-free kissing with my beloved wife, come here and if they get to the main page can see me up to my wrist in her most personal of spaces...oh well.

We started this as a place to put things too salacious for even our online kinky friends, for things to weird for my married crossdresser blog...we weren't sure we would ever give anyone the link. We decided to start making a few comments using this id on various blogs and we just had our 2,000th visitor for what was supposed to be an backwater blog.

One of the hits came from 10 miles away...kinda I said...erp.


Selena Kitt said...

Well YAY on you! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Very cool.

Scintillio said...

Had no idea I was *only* 10 miles away!?! ;)


Anonymous said...

But of COURSE you were mentioned in the Sex Blog Round-up, my dears. It was only a matter of time--of sexy, sexy time. Congratulations!!

Monogamous Couple said...

Thank you all for your kind words. We kind of fell like attention whores. We also (prior to knowing that we were on Fleshbot, submitted one of The Wife's posts (control) to Sugasm. When that hits Monday, we expect to be swamped. A lot of kinky pressure to do something to entertain the extra couple of hundred visitors a day. The husband is considering juggling, The wife figures what she does works, and has no plans to change it.