Saturday, September 27, 2008

With the Lights Out - The Wife

After many years of preferring the dark, due to my being overweight, we have gotten back into the habit of keeping the lights on during intimate moments. Sometimes we use candles. Sometimes the closet light is left on. And sometimes, we do it with all the lights in the bedroom on.

But last night, the Hubby turned off all lights before joining me in bed. He slowly worked his way through our messy clothing strewn bedroom to the bed. And then he slowly worked his way into bed with me. We proceeded to the sex part, but started with some good old fashioned kissing.

The kissing led to touching, which led to more touching, which led to touching of VERY intimate nature. And I enjoyed it. But.......I missed having the lights on. I couldn't see Hubby's reactions, which are very important to me. I kept having to worry about bumping into something or kicking a tender spot, or getting an elbow in the way. It was too complex. It was too much to worry about.

I need light.

Therefore, I have to say that Kurt was right. With the lights out, yes it's dangerous. Leave those lights on so that I can have sex without worrying about what I might smash into!

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