Saturday, September 27, 2008

Will Dom for Cleanliness and Cunnilingus - The Wife

Hubby is right. I just don't do the whole "Dominatrix" thing very well. In spite of my being fairly kinky and sexually adventurous, I am at heart a very shy and quiet person. I prefer to fade into the background at gathering. I don't draw attention to myself. And being dominant in any way is at odds with who I am and with my personality.

The few times in the past that the hubby had suggested that I might enjoy being a switch, I chose to pass on the opportunity. With one exception, which was noted here, I preferred to be spanked over spanking. And my one attempt at being the spankee, while being interesting, wasn't what either of us was really looking forward too.

Fast forward to yesterday, when hubby was my bitch. How on earth was I going to dominate him? Especially long distance. With a little creativity, and my cell phone, I persevered.

At first, I had him doing menial things while I was gone. I tried being forceful and degrading, but it just wasn't going to work. I changed my tactics. I became more of a mother giving instruction to a beloved but recalcitrant child. Efforts were rewarded. Failings were gently but firmly corrected with clear instruction on how to do better the next time.

At first, I had hubby watching cunnilingus porn. I called him to get updates on what he had learned.....a kind of oral progress report so to speak. He hadn't had much luck finding good cunnilingus porn online (yeah.......right!!!) In fairness, he did skip some of his planned viewing time to do some housework. I chose under the circumstances to let it slide.

I directed him in stroking himself. Up and down his hard shaft. Gently but firmly rubbing the throbbing instrument of my delight (there goes the romance novelist again). I commanded him to rub the precum from his cock, and place it on his tongue....with plans to suck his tongue during my lunch break.

I described a scene from the book Scruples, a book I read at the tender age of thirteen and which was wholly inappropriate for someone of my then tender years. Lots of hot sex. LOTS of hot sex. Anyway, there was a scene in which Spider is performing cunnilingus as Melanie's sex slave (I think I remember the names right. I can give details on the sex, but the name's might fail me). In it, he may not penetrate her. He works her wet flesh for a long time, all the while rubbing his cock against the sheet, until they cum. Her in his mouth, he on the sheets. I wanted hubby to perform this for me.

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men......and horny housewives.......I got home for lunch. The shower was wonderful. Lunch was delicious. Towel was clean and warm, so was my robe. And after all that, we had exactly ten minutes for cunnilingus before I had return to work.

DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I got ten minutes of pussy eating. He almost, but not quite, rubbed one off on the sheets. And I learned that I can be a switch. Just not in the "traditional sense"

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