Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day of Kink, Part One - The Wife

I have been making an effort to be more welcoming of sexual advances in the morning. In the past, I could never get past my fear of blowing morning breath into the Hubby's face. Lately though, it's been a nice way to begin the day.

We woke up and were just lying in bed, enjoying the fact that neither of us had to get up and be anywhere. Hubby rolled over for a back rub. I obliged. And then he returned the favor.

Sort of.

Hubby began with gentle fingers, opening me up and rubbing insistently against my tender flesh. I moaned appreciatively while arching my back up so that my pussy rose to meet his fingers. Before long, he had two in me. We recently watched a home movie that had been posted online wherein a man shows how to cause a woman to "squirt" each and every time. Hubby seemed to be using this technique, two fingers inside of a woman, and then, hard, repeatedly. It felt really wonderful. However, this is my one sexual failing. I don't/can't squirt. I have tried all of the recommended methods. It just doesn't happen. But as I said, it still feels wonderful.

Hubby then inserted another finger. And another. I felt like a sexual puppet. I also felt deliciously languorous from my multiple and intense orgasms. I could feel my own cum as it dripped out of me and onto the bed underneath. Hubby said that he thought I was squirting on his fingers.

And then, we were interrupted. The odd thing about the 10 year old coming in the room is that she is the LEAST likely to be cheery in the morning. This one is moody. Very moody. Anyway, in she walks, asking to go to a friends house. Hubby and I both say OK OK..Now go on. 10 year old decides to come in and give Hubby and I each an individual cheerful "Good Morning". While I appreciate the greeting, I have to wonder: Where the Hell did that come from?

Back to the business at hand. Literally.

Hubby's hand felt good inside of me. Apparently, my pussy liked it a lot. So much so, that in a rare pussy stretched. And Hubby managed to go deeper into me than he ever had with his fist. All the way in, up to his wrist. It hurt. I came immediately. And according to Hubby, I was very definitely squirting. I could tell. My cream was dripping past his wrist and slathering the insides of my thighs. Faster and harder, stopping only to get our cameras. This is what it looked like:
[Photo] When it got to be all I could take, hubby pulled out and replaced his fist with his dick. Unfortunately, my body was done for the time being. I asked Hubby to pull out, and then jumped backwards off of him myself.

Hubby had me on my knees in a heartbeat, servicing his manhood with my eager mouth. I licked, sucked, tongued and tried everything to coax a libation of his cum into my mouth. But, my torn lip just couldn't withstand the onslaught of his dick.

Hubby still hadn't had the opportunity to cum, so he took matters into his own hands. He grabbed his thick hard shaft and in a rare moment of sexual open-mindedness, he started to masturbate in front of me. Women, have you ever watched your man stroke his cock? I don't mean the fast furtive gropings you may have seen in your youth from young boyfriends or that done in a back alley by a skeevy dude in a trench coat. No, I mean a real man touching his real cock.

Hubby rubbed and stroked. I watched in slack-jawed lust as his cock seemed to get thicker and harder. I watched as his balls did that "tighten up 'cuz it's almost there" movement up toward his body. I saw the glisten of his precum and reached out to touch it with my finger, licking the yummy treat off the tip of my finger. Hubby shared a lick. I then decided to lick a little. Hubby kept stroking and jerking as I filled his ears with the hotness of what he was doing. To my delight, he came. Hot white cum spurting from his hard cock!!........I am getting wet just thinking about it.

And thus ended the first round of kink for today.

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