Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mr Wiggles - The Wife

I just spent a delightful 30 minutes with my friend, Mr Wiggles. He is the best vibrator a girl ever had. Here is his story:

About a year ago, or maybe it was 2, my husband brought home a "spa in a box" collection from Walmart. It consisted of a cooling sleep mask, a headset that played nature sounds, and a little muscle massager. I didn't need another vibrator, so I put it aside.

Cut to roughly six months ago, when during a cleaning the bedroom session I found the long lost and forgotten spa in a box vibrator. I'm not sure what motivated me to turn it on (thankfully the batteries were still good), but I did. I placed the vibrating nubs hard against my clit.

And nearly cum myself dry immediately.

[Photo]This little vibrator is incredible. It operates on just the right frequency. I spread my pussy lips wide, after first licking my fingers and stroking my clit. I place wiggles on my exposed clit and press down. The vibrations stimulate my entire pussy. It is just my best little friend.

[Photo]And sometimes....just sometimes....I find what I call the "sweet spot" . I can't always find it, which is ok because I still cum from the vibrations. But when I do find the sweet spot, it is sheer ecstasy. I feel my clit throb. I feel as if my cunt is flowing hot lava. I call it "riding the wave", because if I can just hold Mr Wiggles in the same spot, without giving in to the urge to move and buck, I have an orgasm that is the most incredible orgasm ever experienced. I can't even describe it, so you will just have to believe me that it is the best.

Afterward, I can feel the pulsating of my flesh. It radiates and my whole body feels tingly and throbbing. Unfortunately, I can't usually do it more than once in awhile.

Until tonight. I just found the sweet spot twice in a 30 minute period. Just what I needed after a stressful day!

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