Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spanking Good Time - The Wife

Sometimes, I wonder if I shouldn't be concerned about possibly latent feelings of violence in my Hubby. He never demurs or refuses when I want to be spanked. Rather, he jumps in with an abandon that begs a psych evaluation.

For that matter, what does it say about me that there are times when I just really need a spanking. I wiggle my ass in front of him, begging for a little correction.

Last night was one of those times.

I was lying in bed, after taking a shower. Hubby had just finished his shower too. We were relaxing together, him with his fingers inside me, when I felt the need. I presented to him and he obliged. At first, tentatively, he laid his hand across my ass. Not enough I thought, and begged him for harder. He obliged.....all the while listening for possible stirrings from the children. Even with the door shut and locked, we still worry that the kids will bang on the door and ask if everything is all right. The sound of, SMACK SMACK SMACK, echoes through our house with it's paper thin walls. We need to soundproof the closet.

Hubby decided to go for the belt. Mmmmmm, whippy!!!! He resumed the spankings, but as he had approached me he had a firm grasp on his cock. I asked him to hold himself as he spanked me. I watched as he gripped his shaft with one hand and the belt, held in the other hand, came down hard on my tender flesh. It was very hot. Makes me want to take a spanking from a third party whilst Hubby strokes off in front of me.

After an abortive attempt to corral my breasts into a noose made by the belt, we fucked. He mentioned having an 18 year old girl on deck to watch us on the webcam. I didn't believe him. But, it did give us fodder for some good ear sex while he pounded away at my cunt. A good time was had by all.

And in bed, afterward when our hearts had stopped pounding, I asked Hubby if he really did have an 18 year old on deck. Apparently, he had!!! Hmmmmmm, who knows what this will lead to???

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Have loved your recent blog entries, just thought I'd leave a comment to say thanks :)