Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not Tonight Dear, I Have a Headache - The Wife

It's not often that it's the husband who comes down with the headache and an inopportune time. But, today, it happened to us. We were having our "after church nap". Which of course means we were fucking. All was going well, we were enjoying a nice leisurely romp, when hubby's face screwed up in pain. Mine nearly screwed up too from the pain of having him stop mid coitus. Being the concerned and loving wife that I am though, I put my own discomfort aside and concentrated on his pain instead. I asked him if he wanted to stop. He said no, he just needed to keep his head still.

Which begs the question, "Which head do you need to keep still?". Because each time he stopped from stabbing pain....well, he stopped. It's really hard for someone, even someone as easily orgasmic as I am, to reach orgasm when the action keeps stopping. He soldiered on.....

until the toddler woke up. Thus ended the afternoon "nap".

Fortunately, I stayed primed and ready for fucking. After getting all of the children to bed we got our showers. Hubby took the time that I was showering (and shaving....I don't like to appear for sex without a shaved pussy) to dress up as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. We haven't really discussed it too much here, due to it not being the point of this blog, but hubby is a crossdresser. He is all man, and decidedly heterosexual. He just likes to explore his femme side. And, since I am a closeted bisexual, it all works out for the best. You see, I am attracted to women, but I am totally unwilling to give up cock. This way, I can have both.

Where was I, ah yes...Julia Roberts. I'm not actually all that attracted to her, but that's ok. I knelt between his legs, and nuzzled at his panties. His cock was firmly tucked back, so there wasn't anything to make me think "man". His scrotum was peeking out from each side of the panties, looking remarkably similar to pussy lips. I licked each side with all of the tenderness I would lavish on a woman. I licked his panties until they were wet. Looking up into his eyes, I asked him to touch himself, just as he asks me. He began rubbing inside of his panties. I asked him to throw his head back, just as I do. It really turned me on to see this hot blond slut with her head thrown back rubbing frantically at her slit. I decided, I needed to get some.

I climbed up and over him, until my pussy (in the same crotchless panties that I wore on our wedding day) was over his mouth. I lowered myself onto his open mouth and began to grind. He started sucking at my flesh. My hands on the wall behind us, I thrust and ground rapidly seeking my orgasm. I didn't have long to wait.

After cumming, I decided it was time for the cock to make an appearance. I turned my body around into the 69 position, and released his hard shaft from it's tucked position. It immediately sprang up, erect...hard..delicious. Yes, delicious. I love the way my hubby's cock tastes. I started gobbling. While I was busy sucking him off, he was busy eating my pussy. For every downward thrust of my mouth, he shoved his mouth hard onto my wet pussy. I was getting distracted from my goal, a mouthful of cum. So I started deep throating him. It's much easier to deep throat while sitting on his chest than it is to do so from between his legs or on my knees. I was able to take him down into my throat and start fucking him with my tonsils. His groans and stiffened legs told me what I needed to hear. He liked it.

Changing my tactics, and deciding that I wanted his cock in my cunt rather than my throat, I pulled away from him and dropped lower. I wanted to try having me on top, but instead of facing his head....I wanted to try facing his feet. I slipped onto him with my wet sheath and started short fast movements of my hips. Hmmmmm, felt good. I leaned down lower and sucked on his toes while I moved my hips. Felt really good. Faster I went, driving on toward orgasm. I got there. I thought he did too. I climbed off.

But he hadn't cum yet. Just a little dry orgasm. So I climbed back on.

And he did the one thing guaranteed to push me over the edge. He started to finger my ass. I came immediately. But, he didn't stop. While I was fucking him and sucking his toes, he was fingering my ass. It's the closest I have ever come to having a man in each of my holes. It was incredible!!!!

Needing a little face to face action, I turned around. He grabbed my hips and started pumping from beneath me. I was so wet, I can't believe he didn't slide out. I leaned down and started to share my fantasy with him. About how I wanted him to go to a shoe store en femme. I wanted him to have a salesgirl help him try on shoes. and while she was kneeling in front of him, I wanted him to stroke her pussy with his feet. Somehow, from there, we managed to bring the fantasy into a hotel room. The salesgirl, lying on the bed, my face buried deep in her pussy. She was moaning and squirming from my attention. Just when she was about to cum, I turned her over onto her stomach, spread her hot full ass apart, and started to tongue fuck her up the ass. Hubby didn't make it beyond that description.

Wonder how long he would make it if I actually did it?

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