Saturday, September 27, 2008

Marathons - The Wife

Ask and ye shall receive.

And Oh my my my, did I EVER receive. Knowing of my desire for a marathon cunnilingus session, my husband decided to make my desire come true. We got the little one to sleep, in her own room for a change, so that we could have some privacy. I jumped into the shower to soap and and shave up.

(an aside....I think it's only polite to get one's pussy well shaved ((I am terrified of waxing)) if one wishes to be licked and sucked by one's partner.)

So, off I went to do my ablutions. Hubby decided to join me in the shower. Now, let me say, I love shower sex, after I am DONE with the shower. Hubby has an inability to keep his cock to himself in the shower. Have you ever tried to shave when there is a hard on pressing against your pussy from behind? So, when hubby joined me in the shower, I was concerned that he would be impatient with my desire to finish my shower first. Interestingly, he was in a softer frame of mind, and left me alone for the most part. Because he kept his roving penis to himself, he watched me.....for the very first time in our many many many years of marriage, shave my pussy. It didn't seem to have a huge impact on him, however, I do believe that I will have him do it for me sometime.

We left the shower, all clean and ready for the night. I laid down on the bed with my legs spread and my pussy easily accessible. Hubby, knelt between my legs, and proceeded to perform oral sex on me in the most delightful way. He was so tender and worshipful of my pussy, that I actually forgot he was a man!!! Yes, I know....most men would read this and think "OUCH, that's HARSH". Well, actually, NO. You see, I had a very hard time with cunnilingus at first. I certainly enjoyed it, but I could never get over my feeling that I needed to be doing something in return. I mean, honestly....isn't that what my mouth was designed for? Hot, wet, fellatio....

So, by seeing him sans penis in my mind, I was finally able to completely give myself over to the sensations. I didn't have the driving need to do my duty floating around in my mind. And it was heavenly. He licked, he sucked, he nibbled. He took me to places I had never been with oral sex. (And I have always gotten off on being eaten out). I whimpered. I moaned. The only thing keeping me from screaming was my fear that I would rouse all of the children. My orgasm's were so intense that one blended into the next. I felt like I was floating in a river of molten lava.

(Damn...I am sounding like a romance novelist with my ethereal descriptions of my orgasm. Heaven forbid that I start referring to my cunt as a "hot honey oven")

And so, after bringing me to ecstasy, my hubby finally raised up from my pussy, and entered my cunt with his cock. My first penetration orgasm of the night was like the whipped cream on our fuck sundae. I proceeded to have two more as he pounded away at me with his massive hard-on. And, as he finished cumming in me, he did something that blew me away.

He went back down to my pussy with his mouth, sucked out his cum, and brought it back to my mouth.

OMFG!!!!!!! I came just from the taste. It was such an incredibly erotic and intimate thing to do!!! I LOVED it!!!! I licked and sucked at his tongue to get every drop off!! I love the taste of his cum. I love the taste of my pussy. Put the two together and it's two treats in one. Most men shy away from the taste of their own cream. That he would do this was so unexpected and felt so kinky. But at the same time, so loving and sharing. ( that is sharing!!!) How do I go about asking him to do that again??? I guess the direct approach will be best....


Today was a continuation of the adoration of my pussy, but that post will have to come later. It's late. I'm tired. I think I need to take a seat.

On his face.

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