Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nirvana - The Wife

Last night, I received the most incredible cunnilingus. It was good enough that I decided I could willingly give up cock if I could experience cunnilingus like that each time.....

Well, maybe not. but it was REALLY good.

Hubby performed orally for at least half of the ninety minutes we spent having sex last night. At least half. I was a writhing, moaning, back arching, sodden, limp mess afterward. At one point, he found my sweet spot (for new it's not my clit but rather a small bunch of nerves next to my clit which when rubbed the right way sends me into paroxysms of orgasmic splendor). He also managed, with his tongue, to hit the same frequency as Mr Wiggles. I lay there, not moving lest he lose either the rhythm or the spot. My only encouragement were my throaty pleas that he not stop....don't stop....right there....yes.....yes....YES....YES......YESSSSS.

Afterward, I was incoherent and dazed. I have vague memories of him threatening to do other things to my body. I didn't care. I had reached Nirvana.

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