Saturday, September 27, 2008

Public Sex - The Wife

Here is my take on today's activities. When we found that we would have to wait 45 minutes before a previously planned outing could take place, and it was awfully hot outside today, we decided to find something to do during the interim.

My first thought, public sex.

Off we went to our van. We drove off into the boondocks, or at least what used to be the boondocks. In the couple of years since the husband and I had a little outdoor nookie, houses have sprung up everywhere. That made finding someplace to park a little difficult. I decided that a driving blow job was a good idea. So, I started moving things from the console so that I could slide over. Getting his shorts off was a little difficult, given that they were women's shorts and zipped on the side (naturally on the side opposite from me). After a minor struggle, they were down, and so was I.

He was driving the car, and I was driving my mouth. Up and down on his cock. Every so often, he would put his hand on my head and warn me to stay down because a tall vehicle was coming. Well, I thought that was the point of public sex!!! However, I didn't feel the need to bare all to each and every stranger we passed, so I stayed down. Then he got this brilliant idea to just keep going around and around in a round about. Great idea, except that it is hard to keep a cock in ones mouth while one is sliding toward the door of the van and trying not to fly off due to the speed with which we were turning in said round about. Well, enough of that until we could find a place to park.

Still unable to find a place, we decided to stop smack dab on the side of the road next to another van. It was empty (we assumed hikers) and with our van backed in, hubby could stand in the open doorway to service me while still looking casual if someone came up. So, we began again.

Another round of cock sucking, just to get him back in the mood. Then, I laid flat and unseen across the front seats. He stood outside and began to fuck me. Really hard. Really good. Pound, pound, pump, pump he went, with me gasping and begging him in an ever louder voice to "fuck me fuck me!!". Suddenly, he went rigid....and it wasn't from an orgasm! Get dressed he hissed!! Someone was WALKING UP TO OUR VAN!!!! I grabbed something from the backseat and threw it over myself while he jerked his shorts up and walked to the other side. The older man, apparently owner of the van we had parked next to, took one look at what was going on and got in his van to leave. But, not before we burned rubber getting the hell out of there and laughing our asses off.

Not since high school have I been caught like this....with my man's bare pumping ass in plain sight to others. While being remarkably embarrassing, it was also a lot of fun.

Well, off to find another place to finish. We turned up into a reserve area. Again I had my mouth on his cock, cleaning my juices off for him. Again he hissed at me to get up, as he made sure his seat belt was fastened. I looked up in time to see that we were rapidly approaching a multi police vehicle bust with 3 guys cuffed on the side of the road. Well, fantastic!!! How the Hell was I going to get laid??? I was so horny that I started rubbing my pussy frantically to get a little relief. After an aborted attempt to pull into a state park (we didn't have our parking pass and it was a little crowded), we finally found a service road that prohibited trespassing to drive up.

Yes, we trespassed.

We found a place to park. A little pull off that was behind a bush, and right across from a shooting range!!!, Out of the van my husband went again. Out came his cock, and down I went again. Once he was ready, I slipped my shorts off, climbed out of the van, bent over the seat, and presented. He was in my like a flash. He wasn't being gentle, but fortunately, I was dripping wet from our little adventure. He started fucking me, even harder than before. It hurt, but in a good way. Without any worry that we might be overheard, I gave in to a long denied desire to scream while being fucked. It felt so good, him pounding into me. He was fucking me so hard, my knees were being smacked painfully into the running board on our van. Harder, faster fucking. I was cumming all over myself. He pulled out, and shoved his cock up my ass.

Which was, apparently sore from last night!!! Thus ended our sex play.

No, it didn't end with glorious orgasms (although I did have some pretty damn good ones), but it was fun to get out and play a little. It also made me appreciate our big comfy king sized bed all the more!!!!

Tonight, we can finish what we started.

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