Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trying to be Kink-Free - The Wife

And now, my take on last night (having not read the husband's post, to ensure that my thoughts here aren't influenced by his).

I was feeling the need for some gentleness last night. I thought it would be nice to have a marital love-making session rather than a free for all of kink, pain and dirty "fuck me" talk. I expressed my desire to the husband, while also expressing my concern that plain old married sex just wouldn't get us off anymore.

As we began, with light touches and kissing, things seemed to be going well. I was enjoying myself. I assume he was enjoying himself.

And then he pushed me over the edge.

As he was fucking my wet hot cunt from behind, he stroked my back. That felt so good, but what really felt good was when he had placed his finger at the top of my ass crack before stroking upward. He did it again, from the same position. This left me without any doubt about what I really wanted now (and which he had been threatening me with all week and hadn't followed through on). I wanted a nice ass-fucking. When he positioned his hand to stroke me again, I begged him to go lower. He did, running his finger up my ass crack. I shivered with anticipation. He knew without my telling him what I wanted. Slowly, he inserted a finger in my ass. The friction of his finger combined with the hard cock in my pussy made me cum almost immediately. He continued to piston me with finger and cock. I couldn't stop cumming. Then, he added another finger, really opening me up. I squirmed to take him in deeper, in both holes. Feeling how wet I had gotten, I knew it was time.

I pulled away from him, and presented my ass for fucking. I was so wet and ready, that he slid right in. He told me to squeeze as much of my hand into my own cunt so that he could feel my fingers next to his cock. The position was awkward, but I managed to get a few fingers in and pumped myself with them, knowing that I was stroking him at the same time. I had my own cream all over myself. But, I wanted him deeper.

We slowly rolled from our sides to a position with me face down, and him on top of me. He worked himself high up on my ass. He was so deep in me, that I was afraid for a minute that he might damage me. But, the pleasure I was feeling in this position was so overwhelmingly good, that I didn't care. He was up so high on top of my ass, that there was no contact with any part of my pussy. This was a true ass-fucking with no pussy stimulation at all. Only a true ass-fuck whore would cum when it was only her ass getting reamed or touched.

Apparently, I am a true ass-fuck whore.

I was moaning and squirming as he drove in and out of me. I knew that I was making a big cum stained mess on the bed under me. I was a little embarrassed to be enjoying this so much. On he went, in and out and in and out. Fucking me harder than he had ever dared to fuck my asshole. I felt him thrust hard one final time as we came together (not a rarity for us since I cum if a breeze blows).

This is one position, I want to use again. And soon

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