Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog Worthy

The other night, sans candles, me exhausted from work, her just on the mend from a cold, me just starting said could, we did IT.

We tried to do it by moonlight but it was overcast.

No visuals, just textures, touch, scent and taste.

Nice time, but not remarkedly so I thought.

Midst fuck, some activity or another (I forget what) made her giggle.

"Well" she said, "that was certainly blog-worthy!"

I don't remember what prompted it and wasn't sure exactly what sort of a post that would inspire.

What I liked was that it gave me hope that she has the long neglected blog in mind at least.

I have sort of felt like a fiction blogger here as of late with-out my other half giving her impression of events. I seem to have no balance to my check.


Anonymous said...

Is said blog gone for good? It seems to be down....

Z. Vyne said...

It's nice to find a place devoted to coupledom. A rare, and lovely thing in the blogging landscape these days. I'm enjoying your words.

inspector voyeur said...

I understand that your personal life is none of our business under normal circumstances. However, by creating this blog these are no longer normal circumstances. You seem like great people and I realize you have no obligation to us, the readers, but I would love a new post that clues us in to what happened. The massive edits and post deletions to this blog are obvious and sad. I miss reading your posts and hope to see something new from you soon. Take care of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I need to write something here to bridge the gap between the stated aim of the blog as a couple and her decision to remove her contributions.

Her whys are best left to her, I think.

Partly about me, partly about us, partly about the small town we are now in.

We hit an extremely rough patch, and are patching things up.

Nothing here matters more than how we relate to each other in real life.

I am saddened by her edits, but must respect her wishes.

She generously didnt touch the written portion of any of the posts I authored so that is what remains, for now.

I am thinking of going through them and annonomizing them somewhat more than they already are, and to look for tone and delivery that might tend to make her feel de-valued.

That was never my intent, here or in life. IN the heat of the moment and the flush of passion, words, ideas, and acts that are fun at the time, may be tinged with elements of objectification or manipulation.

A lot of things are possible and reasonable when our trust is strong, when not, the cold light of day can be harsh..

I ramble, therefore I exist, still.

-The Geek