Saturday, September 27, 2008

That Look - The Wife

Sometimes, Hubby gets a look in his eyes. It's depraved, dangerous, and oh so exciting. Tonight, as Hubby came down the stairs, he had that look in his eyes. I knew I was in trouble tonight.

After he stripped me of my pants and underwear, with the kids in the next room, and attired me for easier access. (I should never take my Sunday skirts off, he prefers access. And yes, believe it or not, I go to church every Sunday). The gentle whisper of his voice spoke volumes. He gets quieter when he is out there. His hissed commands were barely discernible. I made certain to listen closely to his commands.

And then, I did the unthinkable. I pulled away because I needed to use the bathroom. It wasn't my fault. I had been engrossed in my vanilla hobby and hadn't reached a stopping point when he came up behind me. I rushed upstairs to relieve myself. He followed me into the room.

On the bed and on your knees he commanded. As we discussed logistics and the amount of time the children might be expected to leave us alone, any plans for heavy bondage were discarded. And in fact, the children did knock at the door just ask me if I was watching 'King of the Hill'. I assured the child that while I wasn't watching, I had seen this episode previously. We were left alone after that

Now, back to the kink.

After a little warm-up play, Hubby began doing my favorite kind of spankings. The medium hard, rapid fire, smacks that warm my ass and make it tingle. I was wiggling with enjoyment, until Hubby whispered in my ear. He let me know, in no uncertain terms, that it was my pain that made his cock hard. I knew, this was going to hurt. And it did. He rained smacks and slaps and then the belt all over my ass, stopping long enough to take pictures and to praise me for the good job I was doing. He fucked me so hard and deep that it was excruciating. And wonderful. I had to bite the blankets to muffle my screams of pain and pleasure. One round of spankings alone gave me such an incredibly good orgasm. I feel perverse for feeling that, saying it, doing it. But, that's good....isn't it?

He forced my mouth on to his cock. Usually, I control the fellatio. This time, I was just a hole. He grabbed my hair and fucked my face. It took all my effort just to keep my teeth out of the way. This had nothing to do with the art of oral pleasure that I exercise on his willing body. This was a Master taking what he wanted without regard for my comfort or needs.

I loved it!

He forced me onto my back and began fucking me again. All the while telling me that he was in control, me echoing him. He controls me. He allows me to cum or not. He takes what he wants.

I knew the look meant trouble.

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