Thursday, January 10, 2008

With Cum & a Smile on Her Lips. - The Husband

That's how I sent Wifey back to work.

At the time, I was satisfied, my pipes having been cleaned but had no idea the levels of foreshadowing in this event. I was pleased with my videography. I was no less pleased that I had managed to cum in her throat. It's a bit of an exaggeration that she had cum on her lips, I was pretty deep in her throat when I came and when she invaded my mouth with her eager tongue seconds later, there wasn't a hint.

As she described, she gave me a great blow job. I would have cum in just the first couple of minutes If I hadn't decided to play Cecil B. DeMille with the digicam. I felt my balls tighten several times. I made no concerted effort to hold out because I actually wanted to surprise her with a mouthful MORE than I wanted to record the moment, but since often I have trouble 'getting there' if we are under a time crunch, I figured I'd grab a shot or two for Fellatio Friday.

In all the excitement of reaching orgasm in less than 5 minutes we had before she had to go back to work, I missed a lot:

I caught the look of rapt attention she sensed me approaching the edge. I missed that the thing that put me over the edge was when I looked down at her licking my balls and told her that the next time I have cock in hand on cam, I want her posed right there. Not very present in the moment was it?

I caught that her technique was smoother going all the way down in one motion instead of the reach the back of the throat adjust, and take it all in. I missed noticing that for the first time in EVER, something we did triggered her previously dormant gag reflex.

I caught that she was approaching her task with relish. I missed that she was feeling me a little emotionally disconnected the last day or so and was connecting with my soul as she was connecting with my cock.

I caught myself in the 'dominant role' I missed the subtle topping from the bottom cues that foreshadowed her first topping from the top she would do later that night as she subconsciously administered the salve of redemption through pain, rather than receiving as per usual.

And most of all I missed the foreshadowing that his blow-job, delayed from a lick and a promise unfinished one the day before, and hastily tossed of before an arbitrary Fellatio Friday deadline, that it was to be one of two fellatio to completion attempts in less than twelve hours.

From that 5 minutes elapsed time from dropping my pants to kissing her goodbye, there is a week's worth of blogging subtext.

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