Friday, January 11, 2008

Pharmacological Dissertation. -The Geek

Not to belabor the point but I spent years on Prozac, and it resulted in a lot of frustration when you have an easily orgasmic, cum-slut wife, and you can fuck like a stallion, but not show her the slippery, shiny, stringy proof.

For the last eight months, I've happily allowed my serotonin re-uptake to happen as my own body decides, without the chemical inhibitor. This makes orgasm possible again. Sometimes even multiple times daily, but I don't believe I'll ever come close to the two year anniversary benchmark of eleven ejaculations in a 24 hour period. ELEVEN!

The first time I noticed this "side effect" nonchalantly described in Eli Lilly's insert as "various sexual side effects" wasn't sexual at all. I was on the treadmill at the gym. I had run for 20-25 minutes and wasn't feeling the horizon approaching of a runner's high. 35 minutes, then 40, 45...nothing. I sprinted the equivalent of 200 yards at the end, red-faced sweating, pulse throbbing in my temples. Nothing.

So, re-aligning my brain chemistry to a natural state and balance is a pretty big deal for me.


A said...

11 times?! Whoa. Isn't there a point where only air comes out?

The Fellatio Artist & The Geek said...

Well, there was a LOT of visual and tactile stimulation between times, the little seminal factory was working overtime shifts, and production was a little shoddy. Its not like I was gonna be able to impregnate say 1/7th of 72 virgins or anything. Interestingly, my production volume has always been modest. I do now have at times what I call dry orgasms, where I have the whole tighten and release cycle, but the well is dry. I especially noticed that syndrome on Prozac.