Monday, January 28, 2008

Spousal Maintenance. - The Geek

I had been a couple of hundred miles from home for all of six days. This, I think, may have been the longest we have been apart for 15 years. We kinked by chat and by phone to good effect, but it isn't quite the same as the touch, taste, smell, sight and sounds all at once.

I spent 12 hours on a piece of heavy equipment on Saturday and had wifey convinced that I had more sense than to make the trip home without at least several hours of rest. I did have the sense to be extra careful and mindful of fatigue. I had already packed my car the night before, so when the Mr. Slate blew the whistle, I slid down the dinosaurs neck and dashed to the car. Sticking my bare feet through the cut-out in the floor of the rock-mobile , I yabba-dabba-doo'd on out of there.

My best E.T. for the trip so far has been 2.75 hours. This time I took my time and went slow partly to conserve gas, partly the car (which is overdue for an 1/2 shaft), and mostly my life. Much as I appreciate an adrenaline fueled dash through the twisties, realistically, my reflexes would not have been optimum. I got out of work about a half hour early, and delayed calling home for the rest giving me a one hour head start. I mumbled a series of tasks that I would be doing in preparation for rest and the trip the next day as I coasted down a grade with the engine off, muting the phone as cars and trucks roared by the other way. I found myself in a pretty hazardous situation when she got a little chatty and I lost my inertia on an upgrade and rolled to a stop. I begged off and attempted to re-start. Bad relay. I tried to back over to the shoulder, but this spot had about six feet between the guardrail and the lane, no good. Flashers on, eyes on the rear-view, I banged under the dash at the offending relay, curses and prayers in equal measures. It started.

From then on, I left it running and dodged and weaved every time she called. I made up errands on top of errands. By the time I got around to asking her "What are you wearing?" I had my hand on the knob and was able to see that yes, she is in fact wearing ugly pajamas.

I had in my mind holding back my animal desires and enjoying some soft gentle lovemaking. Later she mentioned that she had envisioned freshly done hair, sheets, make-up and lingerie for my homecoming and slow languid intimacy. The problem with both plans is we had been getting progressively kinkier with each nights phone call, and its hard to put kink back in the box. The rough and dirty butt-sex and slurpy fellatio of our phone-sex was actually not too far from the actual events.

Be careful what you role play, you might find yourself bent over in the shower, soap in your eyes cycling through the third of fourth iteration of ass to mouth.


J R M said...

WOOT! I think I need to send my hubby away for a few days! ;)

Less Geeky These Days said...

If only it were only a few days. eventually this will be 26 times a year. Now its worse than that because I only have one day off in 10 days then 2 mid week and am kind of stuck here for the duration it looks like. Topping it off internet is down at home, and limited in what I can do / view here.

nitebyrd said...

It does sound very, very sexy, if not very often. You two seem to be making the best of it, though.