Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spanked Her Off to Work. - The Husband

As she gathered her purse, keys and such after a late lunch break, I noticed her ass was looking good in the size * jeans she borrowed from me. I intended to give her a little playful swat, it went a little harder than playful, a little lighter than sexual.

She gave a a barely audible moan of pleasure and steadied herself against the filing cabinet.

I took that as an invitation. I have her about 5 more swats in a deliberate, calculated fashion. A bit of a pause between.

Hard enough to sting my hand.

She smiled her thanks and started to head out the door again, then paused.

"Wait." she said, puzzled.

Reaching into her pants she said in surprise. "I am really, really wet!"

I reached in and confirmed her assessment. I lingered a little longer than necessary, and she left with a post orgasmic smile on her face.

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