Monday, January 14, 2008

"75" -The Husband

I didn't do a very good job on my whole "orgasm denial" project. There was some bondage involved tough so I accomplished 1/2 my goals.

I initially got a bit distracted because a friend got her webcam up and running and I persuaded the wife to join me in watching. She, always more the participant than a spectator in most sports, gamely knelt before my horribly uncomfortable office chair and began some really devoted cock worshiping. The lighting was poor, the kids and or the cats kept stirring form upstairs, and there was the whole fellatee as director cum camera man cum key grip multitasking distraction. Wifey is going to be headed off to work in the morning with what she calls "cock ridge" on the back of her lips.

When the friend had to leave due to distractions on her end we had already moved on to desk-top fucking and I couldn't really see denying her any orgasms given her yeoman's work on her knees not to mention leaving her hanging the night before.

We decided to retire upstairs for some actual privacy as well as a more comfortable environ. Well, more comfortable for me anyway. After I located a broomstick and some duct tape she seemed decidedly uncomfortable. She does not believe that I can in fact engineer a solution that in fact foes immobilize her in such a way that she cannot reach orgasm with out my assistance. I did assist to, several times. I'm not going to go so far as to say she owes me ( like what? 6?) but I think were fairly even now. I figure 68+6=75


J R M said...

I'm rather dying laughing at the multi-tasking distraction thing... men do not multi-task well! LOLOLOL! Of course, if I'm receiving, I can do nothing else, so who am I to laugh... but I am.

Rae said...

Oooh, bravo! Six is a great number of orgasms personally...just about right for a single encounter

And that line that said, "located a broomstick and some duct tape" I seriously just laughed. I just wasn't expecting it!