Tuesday, January 1, 2008

$20 Marital Aid. - The Husband.

You know those late night one-of-kind, limited-time offers? I missed out of one of those last night. At 11:59 I missed out, forever. I put behind me for all time the opportunity to fuck a young girl. From now on it's nothing but M.I.L.F.'s. Never again will I have a chance at sub-forty-year-old pussy. (unless we seriously revamp the concept here and thats gonna require a move to our upcoming site, http://fullcontactpolyamory.blogspot.com. I don't think today, on her birthday, is the day to inquire about the future of that.

The toddler, cheerfully defiant all day, had not napped at all. She actually slept in her own crib. All night. In another room. (Sorry, Mrs. Eller for the multiple sentences beginning with a preposition as well as this parenthetical aside, but excitement overwhelms me.)

I brought the pizza paddle into the bedroom. This idea was veto'd with just a look. Pretty much the same evolutionary look described here in Selena Kitts' excellent post on modern Man. She also mentioned we would NOT be spending all night up all night waxing my legs. This wounded me slightly since I hadn't asked. (That day.) Although I have mentioned for over a week that I need some help with some of those hard to reach areas, but I digress.

She also declined my generous offer of the loan of one of my ball gowns. Even when upon inspection I realized that it was one that I had dieted out of and she into. She declined to wear it to bed as logic on New Years Eve dictates, choosing to wear her birthday suit. A word on her birthday suit. It was fabulous. She set a goal goal in August 2007, to be at fighting weight by August 2008. She is only 8 lbs from that goal having dropped 67 lbs since May 2007. She is a little pissed at me vis-a-vis weight loss success. Even though she has lost more weight than the fabulous Valerie Bertanelli OR me, she is pissed that I am fighting below my weight class by as many as 11 lbs. I hit my goal in October and continued my slide back to full-on-geek status. I decided that if she wasn't going to slide around the bed in taffeta, I would leave my size 6 sleeveless red prom dress in the closet. I did sneak it on for a peek in the mirror while she was showering, and let me tell you I do make one sexy bitch.

As regular readers her know, I am not a lesbian, but I do occasionally play one in bed. And I was in RARE form last night. It was her birthday, and since she had not told her fairly recent lesbian crush about her birthday, I felt I needed to carry on on behalf of the whole GBLT community in both welcoming in the new year and the second half of her life. One word. Cunnilingus. Or, if you prefer, two - Pussy Worship. I dove in with elan. Or, perhaps the cheerful enthusiasm of Ellen.

We own various means of playing music in the car, on computers, on the cable box, and somewhere in this hovel we have various components, combination receiver/DVD/cassette/8-track units or the like. Darned if I can locate one that works. We have had no music in the bedroom in forever save some mp3's and streaming audio or video through tinny speakers on the laptops. Santa's slutty, cock-sucking helper bought me a little CD-player boom-box for $20 at the place whose name is not spoken in polite labor friendly places. It has an analog tuner but fine digital sound from the CD player. She has burned various mixes lately including a disco-to-fuck by one. We have enjoyed that one, but oddly, have not fucked to it. Last night she popped in one that was just the most eclectic mix imaginable. The only criterion was that she say, "I love this song, why haven't I ever put this on a mix CD?"

I had forgotten how much fun it is to fuck/lick/suck/nibble to a beat. I marveled at my how fine my gentle control of her body has become as of late. I grinned as I got her to cry out just at the crescendo, or arch her back to the meter. Appropriately my very best work was to "Constant Craving", which come to think of it is probably written as music to dine by. She seemed to be floating after that one, and it was immediately followed by the hard grind of "Diseased", I had her quivering assent when I pointed coarsely, that despite my tender ministrations, I was still all man and could take her, roughly, at any point. Reminding her of my penchant for depravity. I was all threat though and mostly did so for contrast.

It was supposed to be all about her, but as usual, I REALLY enjoyed myself. I was surprised when she said, "I am sorry you didn't get off" after we wound it up at an hour and a half. I had to think back. There was a time on Prozac when this wasn't unheard of. I was surprised that I hadn't taken time to cum. Shrugging, I stand by my effort, despite the fact that her favorite thing to do sexually is to make me cum. I'll give her that gift later today.


Selena Kitt said...

You know, I so can't have sex with music on... it's too distracting! lol

Tom Paine said...

I like that: full contact polyamory.

I'm going to have some sub-40 pussy tonight (along with some over-40 pussy, which, like over-50 pussy is just as delicious, if not more so).

Good to see you're both having fun.