Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Review of the Rider. -The Husband.

The Jollie Rider we won on AAG's blog came amazingly fast. Apparently these little beauties are manufactured not only in the U.S.A. but more to the point nearly in our backyard. I wanted to give my take on it from an, um, outside perspective:

I help her ease it in, didn't even bother with lube and she reported no discomfort. I pictured the little vibe button sticking out of her va-yay-yay to change the speed setting. She swallowed it whole. I didn't want to say anything that might worry her, make her tense up and removal any more difficult, but secretly I was a little worried about how one finds the little holes in the sides to extract it later, but I figured we'd cross that gap later.

Before it disappeared I did have the presence of mind to put it in and switch it on to high (three clicks.) She reported it felt "nice" not orgasmic but nice. I stroked her a little bit externally and she jumped a bit. I moved in for a closer look. Much closer.

She started to protest, having been ambushed at the door straight from work with a new toy and not having had time to ...well you know....women like to freshen up a bit before a date. with the first swipe of a tongue tip she seemed to absolutely forget she was about to protest.

She was arching up and clamping thighs around my ears, and moaning and humming. I have recently worked on a technique of gentle nibbles at just the right spot at just the right frequency and if I'm lucky I can get her to string together small orgasmic waves for several little ripples.

In this case it looked to me from the outside like she was 'riding' one continues wave.

She tried to explain the feeling to me later (and I'll let her speak for herself here) but the gist of it was the vibrations got her to a place where she felt she urgently needed me doing what I was doing.

Seems the ultimate couples toy if it intensifies the desire for what the partner is doing. We have a friend who is bashful about receiving and unlike my wife, not easily orgasmic. this sort of thing might be just the thing.

She continued to wear it and claimed it was not orgasmic in and of itself. I cheated and made a few lusty grabs in near public to instant orgasms. At one point she had her first orgasm from the toy alone, and then the anticipation of when and if it would hit unexpectedly again drove her to others.

I couldn't hear a thing through her jeans, but could easily feel the vibrations when I cupped her pussy with my hand. If you are as enamored as I am at putting foreign objects into a woman this thing will fascinate. Oh, and by the way apparently the extraction was no problem. I am curious how that is accomplished so I will have to watch that part of the process next time.

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Rae said...

I think you should maybe write reviews. That was HOT!!!