Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tied and Denied. - The Husband

A very good bisexual friend of both of ours has given me a few tips on the finer points of pussy worship. This woman began her sexual exploration with girls and was very intent on learning all she could about what brought pleasure to her partner.

One of the most useful things she taught me is that if a woman comes too hard too soon, everything gets sensitive and you can't continue as vigorously after that. Backing off a little just before orgasm lets them ride the wave in quieter, but more fulfilling bliss.

I tried it once and Wifey screamed "That's MEAN!" as I pulled away, Within an amazingly short time though I had through gentle nibbles and licks and pauses got her right on the knives edge and riding a very long orgasmic wave. Since then I have figured out how to just reach that place without backing off so far that you could even call it orgasm denial.

Today Wifey came up behind me as I was chatting with our bi friend. We were discussing how easily orgasmic my wife is and how that hardly seems fair in the cosmic scope of things as the friend and I seem to have to really work for our orgasms. I was saying I should tie her up and make her NOT cum. Wife just laughed, grabbed the seam of her jeans, rode it for less than 10 seconds and let out a sigh as she reached yet another orgasm.

She has learned a new BDSM word that delights her. S.A.M. for Smart Ass Masochist. She delights in the apt term. I don't take my capital D domme role that seriously either. As she says "If you can't laugh while he's all serious spanking your ass, what fun is it?"

When I pointed out that she is really asking for it, she says, "Promises, promises." perhaps a not-too-veiled reference to last night? She went on to assure me that no mater how I tie her up, she can still in some way writhe and wriggle out an orgasm. SHe has no idea the engineering I have in mind to remove all sensational possibilities from her flirty little pussy.

I'll let you know how it goes...


nitebyrd said...

Wife is very lucky. I'm sooooo jealous of women who can orgasm easily.

J R M said...

I love engineers. (I am one and I married one ;)