Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reunited and it Feels So Good.. -The Husband

...I picture Peaches and Herb playing in the background....

Mr. Wiggles has been M.I.A. in our messy bedroom for at least a couple of weeks.

As high praise of my recently acquired advanced cunnilingus technique, she reports that she hasn't been as desperate to find him as she might have been.

Still, she complains it would be nice to have him, especially as my new job is going to take me out of town for a week at a time. She mentioned it last the other night when I went to sleep owing her one.

Yesterday, we got an email from Eden's Fantasy approving our writing sample and putting us on the list to review some adult toys. Dildos and vibes, and plugs, oh, my! We have grabbed our first toy from them and pending approval, we shall be working on vibrantly reviewing it.

The cavalcade of toys doesn't stop there friends. Oh, no! I have greedily put in for every piece of kinky swag that she offers in her occasional contests on Always Aroused Girl's blog. Recently, we won! We are waiting for a Jollie Rider that looks QUITE entertaining.

So toys have been on our minds lately, not that the finger's tongues and penis or in anyway out of commission. A couple of toys are in for repairs, another is kind of anemically buzzing and most suitable for stretching exercises, and then there is the matter of the A.W.O.L. Mr. Wiggles.

After the afore mentioned spanky send off earlier that day, I had in mind a little pleasure with her pain. I often have her masturbate while I administer some not at all deserved but very much appreciated form of corporal punishment. I had in mind a spanking whilst she teased next to her clit with the little powerful buzzer.

I tackled the overdue job of emptying the wooden cradle that has become a catch-all next to the bed. No Mr. Wiggles.

Removed a couple of bags of empty Diet Dr. Pepper bottles from under the bed, no luck. I reached under a ledge on the nightstand and didn't see it. As I was raking the debris in to a pile with my fingers I felt it's hard plastic shell. It was smaller than I remember. My member TOWER over the little guy. Thats why he's strictly in charge of external play leaving the inside jobs to my cock.

She reached for it but I pocketed it, telling her she was going to have to earn her little reunion. Without any hesitation she called one of the older kids up to take the wee one to give us some alone time.

I recorded the moment for posterity as she stripped and gently lowered him to her pussy. The instant it touched she arched up off the bed. It was indeed a joyous reunion.

We had been looking through Eden's Fantasy's extensive Catalog and saw a flogger that looked interesting. Every the scrounge and fabricator, I made do with several doubled strands of soft stretchy jump rope. From the sound it made I worried that it was too much, she looked over with a hungry look that begged, more! So I obliged.

I also made use of a foam flip-flop and got a nice red hue on her bottom.

All in all , a good time was had by the three of us.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

That is NOT a toy without a flange in your wife's pretty bottom.

IS IT?????

Must I deliver a lecture to you about what can happen if you put a toy not suitable for asses in the ass?

No, I haven't the time. Just read this.

The Fellatio Artist & The Geek said...

EXCELLENT NOT try this at home kids!

We were posing the shot, and were being very careful about it. Not actual play here

She knows well the risks of such. Family secret...her mom actually had a, well, coughpenishextentioncough removed in the E.R. that fell off inside her during play.

I try not to think about that story when I see her dad. I also don't bring up her ex-husbands, er shortcomings up with my mother-in-law, who would probably think its hilarious that I know.

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