Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Part-time Perving. -The Husband

I realized a few months ago that I didn't just need a part time job to make ends meet, I suddenly realized that I HAD a part-time job, I needed a full-time job, preferably with benefits. I located one that pays 10-20% of the approximate hourly rate I gross in my profession. It, however pays 2000% of the benefits. I have had none for nearly 8 years, and paid through the nose for health insurance for the 4 years before that. Suffice it to say, I have put my profession on the back-burner and have joined a large multi-national concern doing a blue collar job in a fairly high risk environment.

This job requires a 450 mile round trip, and will feature 7 contiguous 12 hour shifts once I complete training. Necessity dictates I live at the job site. It is a comfortable, but spartan barracks I live in now. It has an internet cafe, and a decent cafeteria. Small private rooms and communal baths.

I have found that pervy friends with full time jobs are harder to sync with when I have a full time job myself. I find I am hungry for emails in my box. and disappointed when there are none. The company blocks some sites that are clearly sexual in nature, but seems to ignore such content on blogs. Fortunately not only can I reach mt own, I can reach most of the blogs on my blog roll here, so far except Kinkerbelle and Atlanta Bondage. I miss the beautiful, kinky photography.

I have, in my boredom started a forth blog, the premise of which is what interests a 40 year old guy has in chatting with girls 1/2 his age, and more interestingly, why they would find the exchange worthwhile. I don't intend to link it here as its intended as a stand-alone blog.

Meanwhile, The Fellatio Artist has no cock to suck. Never fear though she is busying herself. Of the activities in my absence I am privy to, she is receiving increased email traffic from those willing to provide comfort to a week on week off widow, she is diligently testing a sex toy for Eden's fantasy, and has herself started a blog of her individual desires and pursuits sexually with likely a little more flare towards some creative license, then the straight real-life accounts here. There may well be some real life exploits there but she'll have the luxury of couching int in the mask of fiction if she chooses.

Together has been more difficult. She took some beautifully seductive photos today. We have had a few interesting telephonic exchanges, perhaps worthy of their own post here, and we have been naughtily flirtatious online.

I was updating a couple of the blogs as she gets the wee one to sleep and I am expecting my phone to ring anytime now for a repeat of this afternoon's delight.

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