Saturday, November 17, 2007

Public Sex _ The Husband

We were at an event and found that its start had been delayed 45 minutes. We considered going to an adjacent park that at least had trees. It should not be this warm in November. I think it is possibly due to Al Gore's heat pumps on his mansion, heating up the country.

We got in the Soccer-mom-mobile and headed out. The plan was to find some desert privacy and mess around a bit. As we drove we found that urban sprawl had taken up a lot of the available places to hide out for teenage and married perverts alike.

The City put in this cool round-about where a freeway exit will be in the future. By then she had my pants unzipped and was gobbling cock in a noteworthy manner. I went around and around the roundabout timing each revolution to not coincide with any tall vehicles. eventually traffic started getting heavier by maybe the 6th time around so,I headed out again. We found a place where people park at a trail head into the desert. There was a vehicle empty there. Backing in and opening the passenger door I had a good screen from traffic from the other vehicle and the door. She was really really ready it seemed as I had no trouble at all slipping inside as she positioned herself on the edge of the seats. I was really going at it in spurts each time there was a break in the occasional traffic. I could see over my shoulder a ways before traffic came to the corner and started down the road we were on and a long view of the others. I felt I had a very good early warning system.

What did I overlook? The owner of the van next to us! He apparently either was finished with whatever he was doing tromping around in the desert or came back to figure out what we were doing lurking next to his car. There is no way he DIDN'T see at least enough to know what we were doing..I grabbed my pants up to my waist and drove off in a cloud in less time than it takes to tell leaving the portable chair on the roof as I went. I had placed it there to give the impression I was unloading or loading the van to anyone that happened by. It flew back as we took off and would have been gone for good because no way in hell were we going back red-faced for a #10 chair. The drawstring on its carrying bag had caught on an adjustment screw on the roof rack on its way back. We stopped grabbed the chair and giggled uncontrollably. Getting back to the rolling blow job I had to yank her hair up when I saw police lights on several vehicles ahead on the desert road. As we drew closer there were 4 cop cars and some teenagers in handcuffs...Pshew! Not a checkpoint for DWI, seeing as how I was not exactly dressed.

We finally found a road labeled no trespassing and listing the statute wherein we might be prosecuted for our willful disregard for said posted notice. On we went. It seemed to be an access road to service cell towers on the nearby peak. There was also a gun club adjacent but the down range direction seemed to put us out of harms way, and I figured over the sound of firearms through earplugs, they were unlikely to hear anything if we got a little loud. I pulled over and attempted to finish what I started. This was much less likely to be interrupted with no notice than the last place, but I found I couldn't concentrate on cumming. I was able to roger her soundly and elicit some loud noises from her as I encouraged her to be vocal. It has been a DAMN long time since she didn't have to muffle her vocalizations. That was really hot.

Having read her last post here some time before we went I took that as a green light for some back door action as I fucked her in the side-door. I had her flip over and kept fucking her wet pussy for a while wanting the anal to be a little less expected. That didn't go as well as I was at an odd angle and couldn't quite find my way anatomically at first without some guidance. then the soreness she still had from last night combined with no lube and the odd angle, and the sphincter tightening thrill of danger of getting caught combined to make that attempt a little less than fulfilling. We decided to head back to our event and did so with big smiles, even if as usual she won the orgasm count. Her several, me none, but I will collect the debt later.

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