Monday, November 26, 2007

Frenzied Laptop Repair...The Geek

Our HP laptops are both PLAGUED by problems with power supply issues.They are completely different models, I think mine is based on an older HP laptop platform from before the merger with Compac, and hers is (since i have taken it apart 3 times now) I think an older Compac sub-notebook platform that was adapted and re-purposed to to fit a larger case that could accommodate a larger monitor than the originally designed small notebook.

The toddler (who tonight surprising no one interrupted a planned spanking induced endorphin releasing session) has repeatedly grabbed the cords and either damaged the cord or the socket or both. For what we have spent on circuit boards, power cords and aggravation we could easily buy a new laptop and fight over who gets the old HP. I used to LOVE all things HP, and owned nothing but, but I will not be purchasing from them again. The desktop sits dead downstairs. That HP lasted 18 months..(for a desktop!!!)

Anyway the rant got the better of me, but maybe if the engineers at HP (who I think are probably really competent) are reading sex blogs in frustration that corporate is letting sales guys and repurposing recommending accounting guys dictate how product is engineered, then my rant shall not be in vain. SO zip up boys and get back to work. If anyone from HP wants to send me a complimentary laptop to evaluate, I shall be delighted to praise it here if after my trial period of say 12 months plus a day I can still use it to type with.

Sorry readers for the digression, this post really is going to get kinky, bear with me...

Anyway what I wanted to say is that while my wife (who finally got the toddler asleep on her ample bosom) slept, somewhat satisfied but im need of some stripes across her ass, I fired up the laptop and went online. I went to a yahoo ID that she does not know (at the moment) the name of, and was delighted to find a recently acquired friend of mine was online.

We recently had another little trust/honesty session that was really fulfilling I think for us both.
My wife and I that is, not the girl and I. ~really got to watch to be sure that the antecedent to the pronoun is clear in my prose~ I haven't had occasion to lie to my friend as of yet, but I don't know her that well yet.
In the course of the session where she granted trust freely with no quid pro quo expected, I offered honesty. Partly because she also had made a minor disclosure in that in 'checking' up on me at a site she knows I have, er well gotten entangled in before, she met an honorable gentleman who helped her to see me in a new light. Whether her new perspective on my character flaws is accurate or not, I am grateful to him for the solace he gave her. In short he is a happily married man more or less my age, who was on the very site that concerned her. He explained to her in sincere terms his love for his own wife and that nothing that his wife did or didn't do propelled him in anyway to that site, and that he was far from looking for a replacement but was simply as I understand it (third hand at least by now) looking to meet some of his sexual interests or needs without placing unreasonable demands on his wife who, as he sees it has a bit lower level of interest in these things than he. I don't know that that directly translates for us, but it did help my wife feel better. In our case its really strictly my issues, I sometimes crave sneaky secrecy for its own sake. I love voyeurism for its own sake as well.

This came up because we are now really enjoying our time on that site together it features erotic writing by amateur writers just venting the fantasies in their heads and my personal favorites a "Hey what do you think of this pic of me I just snapped" section. Between the 15 lb monster in out bed and the sex when she finally goes to sleep I was exhausted, so after seeing some of the feedback there to pics we posted and enjoying my wife's blush at the private messages some sent, I went to sleep with the yawning instruction that she was to lure some young girl onto yahoo for a chat and that I expected to see a hot transcript after my nap.

I awoke to her report that she was "too shy" to actually hit on a woman, but she had had a conversation with a guy about shy it is that she was up and horny and I slept. She admitted that she had sent a link to our blog so she could defend my manhood with an explanation of the yeoman's work I have been accomplishing lately and that I had earned my rest,

Up to this point we had by mutual agreement decided not to direct anyone we knew here so that we would be unfettered and free and unembarrassed by the filth. We had talked the night before about letting this person who we just met or that one have it, but we had held off, not on the principle itself, just that none had seemed "blog-worthy" (apologies to Seinfeld's classic "sponge worthy" episode). It wasn't a hard and fast rule at all that moth must agree or anything, just each time we finally agreed that they hadn't "earned" admission to our rose garden.

In this manner the story came out as to who it is that she had given the URL to, and I am more than OK with that. I actually feel a bit of a debt to the man, so if he is reading it now, I salute you sir. I shall at some point think of suitable recompense, like maybe an a picture of her ass with your initials reddened upon it. (we have been in spanking mode as of late.)

In turn, told her about my recent acquaintance in broad terms but haven't yet figured out a way to introduce the two.

I actually did something like that once and it turned out a little surreal, (imagine that). In the former case, I met a girl that was interested in crossdressed males, and helped me to connect preciously isolated (in my defensive and fragmented mind) incidents in my life with the words, "I am a crossdresser". Not to digress yet again in another random direction but despite having worn women's things in private at times and feeling silly and even dressing in bed with my wife once, I just refused to see myself that way. Denial is really powerful. So this girl helped me to figure out sizes and styles and deportment for what was my debutante to my wife. I eventually introduced the two, and they are now confidants, and the friend worries that my wife is enabling my compulsive issues with permissiveness, and that is without her knowing how out there we really have gotten as of late. If she really did know she'd be agasp, but in some ways she has a valid point.

Anyway, let me take this moment to publicly do what I should have done when I first met her. (The girl that is, not my wife. The girl was a child when I met my wife. Again with the antecedents.)

Randomly Met Online Girl, this is my wife, The Fellatio Artist. The Artist (formerly known as just, Dear) this is a great Girl I Met Randomly Online.

That said, I wanted to recap for my dear wife a bit of what happened after she went to sleep tonight. She of course knows about the typing all night because she opened an eye from time to time with resigned but loving resignation that I was on a manic roll. I shall attempt to atone by bringing her an ICY cold Diet Dr. Pepper in the 20 oz bottle (she swears that size tastes better) laden with caffeine to her work tomorrow.

I made sure she was OK with me giving this girl the Blog's URL and explained that I wanted to go onto Yahoo and chat, and that I might well work on the masturbation exercises she has assigned me as of late. Not that the girl directly indulges me, but hearing of some of her adventures often gets me going in a voyeuristic, pervy way. She smiled sleepily and wished me well.

I talked to Randomly Met Online Girl at length like this:

I said (2:05 AM): hi!!!!
She said (2:05 AM): HI!
I said(2:05 AM): I am in bed next to my wife who may or may not be reading over my shoulder
She said (2:06 AM): Hehe, you're paranoid... hopefully

I said (2:06 AM):
not paranoid, she really can see if she opens her eyes,but the great news...
I said (2:06 AM): its ok!
I said (2:07 AM): I have mentioned our friendship
I said (2:07 AM): she and I are both on *********** together even posted pics
She said (2:07 AM): Yay!
She said (2:07 AM): I am proud of you both!
I said (2:08 AM): anyway...
I said (2:08 AM): we have everything out in the open
I said (2:09 AM): She even, while she was hurt last week because she suspected I was on, had made an acquaintance that for her is similar to the way you and I talk
She said (2:09 AM): Cool
She said(2:09 AM): How are you with that?
I said (2:10 AM): he helped her see that he, like I loves his wife,and he,and I being on ************* aren't there because we aren't fulfilled at home
I said (2:10 AM): I'm cool with it...
She said (2:11 AM): Good,
I said (2:11 AM): she did send him a link to our sex blog through chat, and I was feeling a little guilty about wanting to have done the same with you, but I hadn't linked you..we have decided we are both cool with giving out the address so I'm sending you there.

So she and I chatted on, after several miscues since she is on some sort of portable device she was able to reach the blog and read. She was complementary of the writing and the pictures and (I beamed) my nails, ~the were press-ons but I wasn't sure anyone noticed~

She gave me some descriptive details about a DVD that apparently reading our blog prompted her to pop into the player, and I was in fact practicing my masturbatory skills imagining what she might be thinking about reading the blog. It felt really weird with a sleeping wife and toddler in the bed. It was at this moment that I got the low battery message and was barely able to diagnose the problem. (fatal decapitation of the entire end of the cord) before I lost power entirely. (And you thought the beginning was irrelevant!)

In the light for the bathroom I anxiously performed surgery on the cord armed with mere fingernail scissors. I twisted the wires into place, crossing my fingers that the 50% chance that the polarity wasn't reversed would pay off for me before I hit the big whammy on a the expensive battery. This impressive procedure was done entirely by feel because at age 40 my eyesight for close work inexplicably failed especially in low light conditions, probably would have happened at 30 if my mother hadn't so lovingly delayed my masturbatory pursuits. I still have 20/15 and 20/20 for distance but haven't for days been able to find the glasses I need to read a soup can.

It worked.

What was really beautiful about the moment though was not the bask in my geeky competence with all things mechanical, but not electrical unless it is a mechanical connection...

It was that I felt confidant of the reply I would have gotten if I had nudged my dear sleeping wife and said, can I borrow your laptop, there is a cute girl I was chatting with and my laptop died. The ONLY reason I would have hesitated was I wouldn't have wanted to disturb her already interrupted and poor quality sleep.

Ironically, my friend had to sign off abruptly not to long after I got back on, but not off. I suspect that she is unfortunately not in a place where absolute trust and honesty is workable in her home. I hope that one way or another she and the other readers if any that have soldiered on through this massive missive find a happy and comfortable balance in their lives between privacy/honesty/openness and trust in their lives too. It feels really nice like a longslowsoftbackrub which my wife has earned more than the spankings she craves currently.

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Oh, those were YOUR nails Tee Hee, I though they were hers. I was impressed that a mother of 5 found time to satisfy her husband AND do her nails.