Monday, November 26, 2007

HONEY DO LIST - The Husband

Well obviously any number of places on her body are in a state of flux in their ranking, but they all rank highly on my Franklin Planner. I should restock it since these 2001 pages are a bit out of sync with the calender on the wall.

I wanted a place to list sexual ideas that either we haven't gotten around to yet or that we want to be sure and revisit. One such item was decidedly not really on this not yet existent list and was crossed off a couple of nights ago. Some things seem really out there in the cold light of day. This one felt that way at the time and immediately after. It was however disturbingly hot. We are both still processing the experience and aren't so sure that this one is gonna make it to the blog.

I plan to use this post and modify it in the future with a sort of wish list/ and a place to check off things when and if we get something (someone?) done. If the sheer volume of fairly clever, but totally unfinished vanilla projects around the house are any indication, then this will remain a work of fantasy fiction.

Make her a custom fitted custom corset from scratch. If I ever finish that I'll start one for me.

Engineer a support strut in the vaulted ceiling of our master bedroom to support up to a couple of us. Hang a lovely plant from the hook.

Re-purpose my sawzall.

Turn the industrial strength massage machine acquired from her aunt into a ride-on sybian.

Weld up a cage, or failing that, maybe some hand-forged shackles, or at minimum some hand tooled leather restaints.

I have a vague sketch in my head of a rotisserie that I can place an intrusive member perhaps at each end.

Improve upon my home made nipple clamps.

Do some painstaking (what's the name Japanese robe bondage?)

Set up a photographic studio corner somewhere.

Install a whirlpool bath.

Raise the bed frame to a more ergonomic height for on / off the bed play.

Sound proof the walk-in closet.

Re purpose the hammer drill. Meet a an attractively kinky dental hygienist with access to oodles of that quick-set molding putty.

Attend a local swing band annual 1940's dance in period costume.

String up a hammock.

Put some swing in the swingset.

Put in some very cool against the backside granite counter tops with soft bull-nose edges.

Re-engineer the support bracing for the kitchen table for more industrial applications.

Scout new public locations that afford a modicum of privacy.

Take a nap.

More tired than horny..but only just..

Tired and going to sleep in a costume that out of context of us would be silly, but feels kinda cozy in a way. I am disjointed in my thinking, preparing to doze, checking blogs I like.

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