Thursday, November 8, 2007

Psychic work-out... ~by The Geek

When I was young, I read a book hat followed the evil-government-agents-want-to-harness-some-kids-secret sort of formula. In the book the kid had E.S.P. I don't recall which ability the kid had, but the scientist were testing him for telekinesis and telepathy and so on. In one test he was to concentrate on a deck of cards and try to predict whether the next card was black or red. They figured out he had psychic abilities when he got 52 cards in a row wrong.

After reading that I practiced. In these sorts of books the kid is always kind of a loner genius. They were obviously writing about me! I somehow scrounged up a deck of cards. This being no easy task in a no-face card, anti-gambling household. I practiced and kept records and read up on probability and statistics and determined with near certainty that either psychic powers as described do not exist, or I was not endowed with these gifts.

I used to close my eyes and imagine flexing my brain like a muscle. I suspect a remote viewer seeing my efforts would have seen a skinny bookish boy, wiggling his scalp intently. Along those lines,I can wiggle my scalp like my Grandfather and Father, but not the ears even though they say these skills are interconnected. I can curl my tongue I might add irrelevantly.

Earlier, I saw the wife updating her blog with some details that might out who we are. I thought it was on our medium strength blog. Turns out it was her straight vanilla blog. This led to discussion of our various blog and this one, sadly awaiting smut to toxic for even people we only know online.

She fired up the blog and typed away. I glanced over and read "I may just blow him tonight".

I jumped up and hopped in the shower. My idea was to come back and type while she was in the shower, and not read hers to see if I can divine at all anything at all psychically as to what her plans are.

Problem is, I suck at typing and she is as we speak, wet, wrapped in a towel, and brushing her teeth.

And I got nothing...

Well I do have a little blood flow to the extremities, but thats not too unusual or in anyway diagnostic.

I had a little idea that when she gets here to feign being in the middle of a real epiphany and unable to stop typing. Type random things if necessary,sort of a written filibuster, trying to get her to begin the process of trying to distract me while I pretend to be intent on something important.

Problem is I'm apt to giggle uncontrollably at the attempt at deception. OK she just said, "well don't type too long." Then further, "If I passed up time with the shower massage to at least take the edge off and you go on one of your typing benders....."

Did I mention that my high school guidance counselor at the beginning of what is know universally know as the information age, advised me against taking typing? On my medium non-vanilla blog, I go on these 1500 word blog entries sometimes 3-4 of these in a night.

I am not going to make it I am getting pretty aroused. Not in the up and locked position mind you, rather in the down and tucked under the laptop mode. She is smearing lotion all over her body.

Next she went to the bathroom for some item and I stripped signaling that I was getting close to finished. Replacing the laptop on my lap, I found I was typppinnng sloooooooower and slower, thought being disjointed as she eased the laptop to the side and began expertly teasing my very stiff cock with her mouth.

She had put down a towel earlier and said I hope you know this is going to be more than a blowjob. SO far it is only a blowjob...A very very good blowjob. She sucks cock like a porn star, but one that actually likes it. On the Felatrix blog she rates blowjobs...she is hitting all the marks...the enthusiasm..check...something eyes, check. lick check...she is apologising for distracting me and telling me what she would do if it werent so distracting...

she just apologized for deepthroating. SHe should apologise it was dammned distracting...

she offered to give me a break so I can type,she removed her hot wet mouth form mycock and moved lower. Turns out having her tongue fuck my ass is ust as distracting...

I was on prozac for years...what they don't tell you is that the sexual side effect isnt that you cant getit up, its that you cant get off...I have gone off it a fewmonths ago and the slut in her is delighted that I cum relatively quickly again, like close to the early days wen she could always :make" me cum in 9 minutes. my goal for quite a while has been to actually pre-ejaculate. I ave not surprised her with cum in YEARS...she always knows before I do when I am gfoing to cum...shehas an advantage thought,,she is the only woman that has ever put her mouth on my cock and she practiced on quite a few repeatedly before she met me. Lovingly and enthusisatically perfecting her techniche for my enjoyment.

I need to send out a couple of dozen thank you cards.....

i am going to take a break now, so that I can concentrate on enjoying the actual blowjob that has ben ongoing for the lAT 20 MINUTES OF typing..........oooooooo...i told her id would tryr to finish vbweefore se finishes me off I think i migh tlosee......unless i cheQAT AND Stop mid senta


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