Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Audience Participation...The Husband

Without any real planning the audience seems to be made up of a few visitors that straggle over from a blog that lists links to blog posts about masturbation. Most go to that post read it and leave without actually reading more. Thats fine, especially if that one relatively tame post by The Wife gets you off!

Knowing that a few people read our adventures is really getting her off, and often. She even decided to post a picture of me half-way impaled in her on a post. This led to editing some past posts to illustrate them with some kinky pics.

She has always liked taking pictures even kinky ones but never to post online. She would really really like to hear from someone,anyone that is reading these posts. We discussed the possibility of some sort of kinky reward for the first poster. The first person to send a note to our email address with a little bit about who they are and what it is they liked about the blog gets a treat. Scooby snacks anyone? send to peepinourwindow *@* yahoo *DOT* com

She is in a REALLY kinky mood and up for just about anything. Toss in a suggestion and we might just act it out and post up some pictures.

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