Friday, November 16, 2007

Low-impact Sexercise.

We have been considering whether this blog is reflecting or actually shaping our sex life. There does seem to have been a slightly higher than the mean kink quotient this past week. I have been wondering wen the next creative impulse might hit, and she is kind of hoping her soreness will recede before the next wave of kink looms above.

We have decided that we are going to try a bit of gentle vanilla "love-making" tonight. On the other hand some of the kinkiest times we had when our relationship was in its first bloom was when we actually discussed in advance how "good" we were going to be. Setting boundaries seems to be something that just inspires us to rub up against them..mmm rub up against...~nostalgic~

I suggested perhaps I should tie her up so as to keep her from exceeding her stated parameters. She wasn't so sure that would keep it vanilla tonight.

Ok, lets see, candles? check...lighter? hmm better go look for that.

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