Friday, November 16, 2007

To link or not to link.. the husband

When we started this blog we expected it to take months before anyone stumbled across it. It isn't linked (and won't be) to our vanilla and semi vanilla blogs. We decided not to use this blog to comment on any of the blogs we might read individually or together, lest that steer people here. So far that just left random Google hits.

Those have been bizarre. I will update this particular post as interesting Google hits come in.

Todays was quite specific and both phrases were in an entry the wife did. ["Make him cum" "distract him"] was the search. Our blog was the 2nd most likely offering on Google for that. The came from Tuscany region of Italy. How romantic!

We interrupt this Geekish thought with a return to our regular programming. The wife just said that I am getting too cerebral for this blog. She says "It's not about the gray matter, its about the PINK matter"

OK she's back to watching Family Guy, I can sneak in some more detail about who searched for what to get here..:)

Other searches were "masturbate my clit", "his-cock my-cunt", and my personal favorite one so far "asked-me-to-spank-her".

So far there is only one blog that links to us. He apparently found us with his search of "blogspot masturbation OR masturbate -mental -intellectual -tee". I haven't decided whether to return the 'favor' and link back to him. On the one hand, nothing at all against his blog which has a theme of links to masturbation stories, in fact it seems flattering. The only question is does providing links which may increase traffic violate the spirit of hands off on promotion of this blog?

Update: We are now commenting on others blogs and sharing the link with friends we meet in various adult forums (fora?). Traffic is up quite a bit which makes us watch a little about the personal details.

Newer search engine hits include:

-Cuckold (this was google blogsearch but when you type that in there we arent one of 4 entries?)
-World Lingo hit where someone translated us into chinese apparently. The hit came from Mainland China!
-Another rather specific Google search: "with his * cock in my mouth" found us.
-A fellow Blogger used the search bar to find "goal setting, parenting, and health" I hope we were helpful with that!
-"She was grabbing my cock" seems a reasonable search to find us.
-"Wife pumping strangers cock" found us. This is news to me. Maybe I should read her posts more closely?
-My personal favorite on several levels is: "tonguing his ass"
-Another quite specific one: "spank,smack,owww, he spanked her naked ass as her lips sucked the cock in her mouth"
-"Enormous clit" wouldn't have happened if she had taken my advice and used 'gianormous' instead
-" fucking hot blushed girl flipped her over" dunno if fucking is an adjective or a verb here.
-We were #3 out of 1/2 a million possible sites on a Google search for "pussy worshipping husbands"
-We were #2 out of over a million for "look up my skirt cunt"..charming.
-In the top 20 of 121K for results of search "husband loves to film another mans cum in my pussy"
-in the top 40 for the search "was fucking me so hard"
-Top 10 for "my first taste of cock" and also "look up my skirt with no panties"
-#2 most likely on Google search: "his finger up my ass" +husband
-Top 10 for "mr. wiggles" dildo. who would search that? and 1200 similar entries???
-Someone waded through 211 previous entries for "wife blowjobs" before settling on our blog.
-"shopping wife "her pussy"". This one seems odd.
- Over the course of several days "pussy worship wife" and "pussy worship husband" appeared. Followed by "geek and pussy worship"
-"Naked up my skirt" ranked our blog at the top of the Google's list.
-"Look at my cunt up my skirt" yielded a visitor. Sadly no view of her cunt was extant on the bog from the vantage post of looking up her skirt.
-"Wife gives head" seemed apt, finally, she does in fact do that AND we write about it, Bingo!
-"Fisting the Husband" let me just say OUCH! we will NEVER be doing this.
-"My slutty skirt"...hmm dunno, do they mean her's or mine? I tend to crossdress in sluttier skirts than what she might typically wear..
-"My wife loves Oral"....Why, yes. Yes, she does! (Lucky me!) She is even learning to enjoy receiving it too!
-"Wife enjoying pre-cum" wats not to enjoy about my sweet slippery goodness?
-"He fisted my cunt" well, on occaision.
-Yet another search of our worship practices. This one, "Pussy Worship wife hubby" suggests that perhaps we should find a nice pussy that we can both use together?
-"First Fellatio" Yep, she got that cherry too!
-"wife started licking and sucking" is indeed how she generally starts.
-Google UK had us in the top 20 for "trying to look up my short skirt was making his cock hard" I SURE hope they meant her skirt not mine. I mean I have nice legs i a skirt but looking up under my tartan spoils the effect.
-"Wife Cock Worship"
-"I love the taste of his cum"
-"picture girls goofy silly giggly cocksucking sluts" (We are #1 for that by the way)
-"Husband Wife Fellatio" We will NOT be doing that. Wife Girlfriend, Wife Cousin, maybe.
-"Quick Orgasm" GOTTA mean her, not me, but I am working on that skill.
-"felt her up my shirt" seems odd in the syntax, like maybe a girl-girl or girl-crossdresser story?
-"her puckered rosebud" So I write this phrase once and we are number one. I feel like a sled.
-"hubby shaves wifes pussy blog" Hmm top 10 out of 1/2 million. Who knew this risky activity was so popular?
-"Fellatio". 48th???? Oh she deserves so much more accolades than that!
-"my husband" "between my legs" I am mildly insulted that Our blog was like 118th for this paired set of phrases. I shall have to spend more time between my wife's legs I guess!
-Interesting pair of searches separated by a couple of hours: At 7:45 someone from Connecticut was searching Google Images for [Fellatio "Cock Worship"]. Just a 1/2 hour later someone in Maryland was looking for the opposite end of the spectrum with [I gave my wife compleate control of my cock].
-Less ambiguous was: "He slid into my ass"
-Somebody wanted: "Husband and Wife crossdressing pics" I guess I could loan her a suit to complete the picture. Or since this reader was from New Zealand, is it crossdressing when we rotate the other direction and I wear manly clothes and my wife goes en femme?"
-Ice Rocket found us for "shaving" dunno if that is for her nether region, my legs or my coin purse. ~scratches~
-"my wife cant keep her hand off my cock" If only!
-"WIFE ENJOYING CUM" apparently very enthusiastically if capitalization is any gauge.
-"Wife Husband Crossdress pantyhose" yup, done that.
-"my male husband cock pic" at first blush seems of, until you think of it in transgendered terms. Her female husband's cock pic would be tucked!


_"he spanked her naked ass harder with each smack her mouth sucked his dick deeper into her throat" Now THAT is a guy on a very specific pornographic mission. He found us after wading through 81 earlier possibilities..:)
-"Cock Fluffer" I am definitely using name for her sometime.. (files that away)
-" "husband and wife" erotic story chaste cunt " Well it want the cunt that was chaste when we began...
-"Squirting wife, blogspot"
-"wife fisting hubby for girl friend pics" OK let me just say, I am not sure whether the idea came from my girlfriend or my wife's girlfriend, but there will be no pictures of this!
-"wife's first taste of pussy " Ok nice to think about, but there is no post about this as of yet..:)
-"tasteful cunnilingus pictures" Yep thats us, tastefully tasty, indeed.
-"favorite cock sucking blog" Well, ours is The Fellatix' but we are flattered.

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