Thursday, April 3, 2008

Timing and Cycles. - The Husband.

Men in general have a vague awareness that women are subject to hormonal cycles. These cycles we understand regulate the process of menstruation, and theres that added monthly irritability component that is often joked about but not during that time. Those of us that have been through the process of monitoring basal temperatures and saving up sperm for optimum ovulation potential, are also aware that some time in the middle of the cycle, she lets loose with an egg and there is the potential for another mouth to feed. This is usually about the extent of our working knowledge of "how she works".

I don't recall how I became aware on a much more important plane here, but at some point and I am sure it was after YEARS of marriage, I became aware of another and oh, so much more important, biorhythm at work.

The horny cycle.

This is Mother Natures cruel trick that causes the majority of teen pregnancies, bewildered but gratefully sexually sated husbands, and unexplainable girls night out leading to that first girl-girl experience.

Dollars to donuts if you have your girl rate on a scale of 1-10 each day how horny she feels (presuming you haven't done something stupid to F*@& things up) you will find that she is at her sexual peak of arousal at precisely the time she is guiding another egg down her fallopian tubes. This is why when that teen does it "just that once", or was too horny to practice safe sex, she finds herself great with child. The guy works and works on her, and then the day she gives in is the very day he better be thinking about a better job than Burger King.

There is another small window of opportunity that exists just before Aunt Flo comes to town. My working theory is that Mother Nature gives one last shot of horny-mone just before it sluffs off that last egg in a vain attempt to get that egg to amount to a future college attendee.

I actually do remember hearing something about the likelihood of pregnancy coinciding with desire in high school health class. In my defense though, I spent the entire time blushing and hoping no one said out loud what I was thinking which was that this information was irrelevant to dateless virgins. My slow process in picking up on this trend over the years since my wife popped my cherry is pretty understandable too. For one, she is a fairly sexual person by nature and likes sex for the joy of sex and the intimate contact, explaining once that she had read once that as a woman, if you don't "feel" like sex, go ahead and begin because once started you'll enjoy the experience regardless. (Any wonder I love this woman?) Now, it hasn't always worked that smoothly because it has taken years of careful study, practice and ongoing sensitivity training to avoid the situation where I have done something stupid to F*@& things up. This is to date still an ongoing concern.

So, I have mentioned before that my out of town blue collar job as a heavy equipment operator has me working seven 12.5 hour days then seven off. The reallity is that I also work a couple of overtime days, and lose a full day in transit back and forth as its a 400 mile round trip, and I have a visit with our state patrol at least once each trip. Some amicably, some not. Sometimes I outrun them.

Sex as a result is kind of a lovely afterthought to my life in general. I am not complaining, mind you, I realize everyone has pressures in there life and scheduling, and interpersonal issues and kids and roommates and neighbors that interferes with their God-given right to get laid as often as the thought crosses their fancy. I just got spoiled for a while there. When I had the luxury of being marginally self-employed for a couple of years, you saw the results with sex on an inhumanly regular basis and the time to write 2,000 word essays bragging about it.

In conversation with one of my co-workers, he mentioned that on one out of every two weeks he has off his wife is on her period. Don't ask me how on earth this came up, I am baffled, no one here knows anything at all about my enviable sex life much less my life as a sex-blogger. In conversation with her sister, it turns out that this has been the case with them too. On the one hand it seems maybe the cycle syncs up with the mates absence, but when you think about it it is pure happenstance. You have statistically exactly a 50% chance of this happening if you are home exactly 1/2 (or less) of the time.

When I was in training and had idle time on my hands, those idle hands found their way to my cock with the phone to my ear, or to the keyboard for some fruitless attempts to bump into my wife (or anyone else interesting for that matter) online. Now, I am just worked to the point of blissful, sexless, exhaustion which seems to extend a bit to my leave time as I spend most of that time paying back my sleep debt.

When I came home two weeks ago, I had very high expectations. I had inexplicably remembered what it was to be hory to the point of distraction and managed to somewhat inject my enthusiasm into her expectations as well. (See the entry on her blog about the vegetable shopping trip.) I had given her the assignment of making a sexual itinerary to include a wide variety of sexual activities to entertain me with upon my return as the pasha to the tent of my one-woman harem. -I had forgotten it was spring break and the kids were home with their unreasonable demands of "feed me, talk to me, take me places...." I was a little let down, but I also found that I sated rather quickly and got solidly on my sleep-debt paying nap schedule. I even violated the eggplant that was intended for much more sordid duty and made a lovely babaganoosh with pita wedges. How sick is that?

This time, I came home with very low expectations, sexually speaking. I had worked a total of 141 hours in 11 days and drove straight home after a 12.5 hour shift. My foot had been on an accelerator for over 16 hours at that point. I was aware she had been having very painful cramps and the kids were sick with the headache, fever, and congestion that she herself had been battling for the previous few days. It didn't look good.

I got home, parked the car, lugged a duty bag upstairs to find her tired but intriguingly attired in a yellow floral print nightie I figured that was optimism on her part and a welcome home, but didnt read too much into it or the hint of vanilla scent that wafted as I opened the door. I scooted the toddle over a bit as she had decided to claim not only all of my side of the bed sprawling sideways but also a bit of my wifes as she needed someones side to kick in the night.

Quite tired I put my arm under her neck and cuddled a bit, my back luxuriating at a horizontal position for the first time in about 20 hours. She seemed, to me, to be a little distant. In reality she was merely understandably fatigued from dealing with sick kids and waiting up past her bedtime for my arrival. In times past I would have wondered, "Oh, no, what does she know, what did I leave up on the computer....." In this case I have a pure heart and clean hands as I have neither the time nor inclination to explore any of the new-found freedoms our more open online understanding has made possible if not particularly a great idea always.

So, I dared ask. "What's wrong?" Normally this is a query to be avoided at all costs.

"Nothing" she said, tiredly but convincingly.

License granted I began roaming my hand a bit from around her shoulder to ( predictably) gently stroking creamy breasts trough silken fabric. Her always responsive nipples did not disappoint as they eagerly made their pointed presence known. A little flick here, some gentle pressure there and they were very much in play.

"You don't have to limit your touching there, you know." she teased.

"Oh really? And do I need to confine said touching to fingertips or might other extensions be used?"

She giggled a bit, but stopped with a gasp as I went down her belly with my chin and with no particular grace of fanfare, lifted her hem and found her panty-less pussy with my tongue.

"Oh, my..." was about as cogent as her commentary was at that point.

I had actually been 'preparing' myself to once again surprise her with a quick cum shot, expecting that a little fellatio was likely going to be the extent of the activity, given that I expected Aunt Flo to have arrived in force and to have bought a basket of discomfort with her. By 'preparing' I meant that I had passed at least 1/4 of the 4 hours home with my pants down to mid thigh and a hand on my, er, well, shifter. My theory was that if I teased it a bit, it both served the purpose of keeping me occupied and awake, and filled my seminal vessels with the little liquid surprise I had hoped to blast her with. I had done the same thing the night before when I was still experimenting with my stroking it while talking inane subjects with her. So I was cocked, locked and ready to rock.

Now, it seemed, I was going to need to put the safety back on and avoid any extra stimulation if I expected to complete a round-the-tour which seemed to be in the offing. As I ate her out I had to be sure to lay on a hip rather than my turgid member or something was going to go off without warning. She was quite tasty by the way, I posit that the more aroused a woman is the sweeter the nectar, I think there is some science there, as the fluid in greater quantity tends to be fresher and cleansing.

At some point I decided that my sword desperately need sheathing so I worked my way up letting her taste herself on my lips and chin as I slid inside and began that familiar rhythm. I'd like to report that I fucked her raw having performed like the stallion I am, but the truth is it was no more than a few strokes and for her a couple more orgasms (she's easy) before I found that two out of three holes would need to go wanting this go-round.

I made up for my speedy delivery with fully 5 more orgasms in the next 30 hours before Aunt Flo finally put a temporary cessation to the lack of hostilities. More on the next later as a couple deserve their own treatment. Interestingly we both kept count of the times but neither of us can remember details about the middle fuck-fest. We know that it happened we just did it without taking notes to pass along to our faithful readers..:)

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Curiously Kinky Wife said...

Pantyless???? How dare you? I'm not that kind of girl!!! I was wearing a pair of lovely green cotton panties. I raised my legs straight off the bed as I slid them up my legs to remove them before you so delightfully delved in. Pantyless......honestly :)