Friday, March 28, 2008

Heavy Breathing, Continued. - The Husband

In an effort to continue the experiment with more data points, I decided I would try again today from on the job. I did sort of warn her by calling her from the cab telling her I would be at a port-a-john soon and what was she up to. (She was up to dealing with too sick kids so that didn't bode well...) I told her, "Well I'll give you a call after I have my cock in hand."

She laughed.

This is actually often the case as I attempt to zip back up withour dropping my phone where i wouldn't want to retrieve it. In this case though I meant that I would specifically have my cock in hand for the express purpose of pleasuring myself. I chose a remote port-ajohn with lots of fast and dangerous traffic nearby that discourages another operator from stopping and waiting.

It didn't work. We have these vans that shuttle operators around and one of those pulled up. i though they were waiting to use the john. (Turned out later they were just waiting to connect with an incoming piece of equipment to switch operators.) I had my cock fairly rigid and was already feeling those ripples that portend things to come. I just couldnt finish though it seemd and I began to feel silly so I gave up the attempt...for then.

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Miss O said...

I really like you2!
I've been reading for a while now,
& have been inspired by yourselves
& others to start an erotic blog.

Shall we link?

Miss O