Friday, April 25, 2008

All Work and NO play. - The Bedraggled Husband

I came straight home after my work week ended last time for an event involving one of the kids, so I wasn't able to work any overtime in that 1/2 of my week off. Instead, I left three days early so I could work the maximum two days permitted while still taking the required one day off to avoid a nine day stretch. This mean I got up here on a Monday, worked through the next Monday and on to the end of my week this past Wednesday, and then some more overtime. I tried to argue that since I got off work at 7pm Wednesday, that if I didn't work again till Thursday at 7PM that I had technically "taken a day off" as required. This argument was successful once but they didn't buy it this time and sent me to my room without any more than one day of overtime. I had already promised a friend a ride home today, so I sit here at the dormitories a little bored waiting for him to get out of a training class.

I have idle time and you know what they say about idle hands...

You would think that since this place clears out in the middle of the day and I have 12 computers and some privacy that I could get into all sorts of deviant behavior. Sadly, I find that my libido is lagging. You would have to know me and my history to know how truly astounding that is. Here I am perhaps 8 hours from getting laid, and I can't bring myself to rouse any real interest in anything sexual. These computers are semi-restricted but not monitored, so there are plenty of places I can go including any number of links off this blog that arent blocked, and still...meh.

I'm just tired. On what was to be our last day of shift the powers that be actually called a meeting for 45 minutes before the start of our 12.5 hour shift AND another hour long one for after!!!! Among other things, they discussed the dangers of fatigue brought on by sleep deprivation. I kid you not.

I have a feeling that a little groping, remembered fragrances, tastes and touches, and I'll be right as rain again...

meanwhile I shall blurf through our blogroll and see if I can't find a little tittilation to arouse my flagging libido.

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Liras said...

Being tired does the same thing to my libido.

I think meeting are a cruel tool, designed to neuter us all.