Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Distance Training "Orgasm Control" - The Husband.

Site meter is a fun tool. I often like to look at the (limited) details it gives about our visitors. Now, before all of you surfing from work log off in a panic, I should tell you how limited it is. It merely tells what link refered you (if any), what isp you are using, and in general terms your geographic location.

Its fun to see what part of the world has checked in. In fact, it is comforting to know for example that currently of the five people reading, one is from Pretoria, South Africa. Why comforting? Because I am pretty sure we aren't likely to have a blushing encounter at the corner market for example. Disturbingly, the person who has been on the longest at the moment (a little over 10 minutes, currently reviewing video clips) is actually from the major metropolis in which we reside. There are two Canadians online and one person from Pennsylvania.

AAG's Blog recently had a couple of posts referring to the anguish of having some nosey (presumedly elderly) parents intruding into her private virtual space and reading snippets of her blog. Such events are often the cause of really good blogs going dark and she vows not to let that happen to hers.

Oh, the title of the post, and tha actual point of this entry. I was just talking (dirty) to my wife when she was interupted by some children so our discussion is temporarilly on hold. What we were talking about was making a phone sex date for tonight, with the caveat that neither is to cum. The plan is that I am going to get off work at about 7:30 am (having not gotten off), drive three of the four hours home and meet her in a small town an hour from home where we shall consummate the experiance in a parking lot. I only have this small window because I am working my 4th day of overtime on nightshift and have less than 24 hours before I start my regular 7 x 12.5 hour regular dayshift.

She was recently intrigued for some reason by a commenter on her personal blog who suggested she use our distance as an opportunity to practice orgasm denial, apparently an interest of his. This is going to be very hard for her as any more than a little light grazing with fingertips, and she is over the edge. Sensitive and responsive doesn't begin to describe her vagina. I will have to work not to abrade my penis in this endevour as I can hold out pretty well. Partly age, partly early training. I had issues. (have issues) I felt immense hang-over-like post orgasmic let-down after I would orgasm and actually enjoyed that moment just before as much as actually cumming, which usually involved a lot of guilty, sticky, embarrassed, clean-up.

So the title of this post was lifted directly from the google search terms used by the individual in South Africa to find us. Seemed apt.

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nitebyrd said...

Those blog stat things are very interesting and fun to check every so often.

I worry my children will one day stumble across my blog so I try to hide as well as I can. But how long and well can one hide in cyberspace?