Thursday, May 29, 2008

Smothered Ecstasy and Thin Walls.

When I first moved into my little dorm/prison/BOQ-style room several months ago I was very impressed with the construction. The walls seemed totally impervious to any sound. I slept soundly with nary a whisper to disturb my rest. I wondered if they had some sort of high tech sound baffle as the walls didn't seem unusually thick.

Later I discovered the secret. My neighbors all happened to work different weeks and different shifts than I.

Not so now. My jovial, hard drinking neighbor works on the same crew as I, and for the most part is home. I work a lot of overtime (150 hours of overtime this month), and he hides out from a couple of ex-wives and their lawyers, so neither of us leave the camp much.

Yesterday, the lovely Fellatio Artist left the kids with her sister 30 miles away and came up to enjoy the steak dinner I get every Wednesday night. I popped into my room to grab a toothbrush and ran into Eric. When I mentioned my wife was waiting out in the car he said to bring her by so he could say 'hey'.

So I did. Pleasantries exchanged, she then asked if I was going to show her my room. I did and jokingly asked "So, you wanna?". "Of course", she answered - already unbuttoning her blouse. (Any wonder I love this woman?)

So, on my freshly made bed from my weekly maid service, she lay under the harsh fluorescent overhead looking quite ravish-able. So I did. With great enthusiasm. We could clearly hear my neighbor through the wall talking to a recent move-in. As she would begin to whimper with pleasure I would clamp a hand over her mouth which only increased the volume of her cries.

I intend to swagger a bit with pride when I next see my compadres in the mess hall.


Jason said...

Let's hear it for thin walls.

hip hip *whisper* hurray!

OhMiBod said...

Congratulations, sometimes a dream is something reason why few dare to fight. I only can wish a wonderful future. it receives a strong hug.

nitebyrd said...

Ooooo! Sex at work! Delicious. ;)

someseedycouple1968 said...

The room has been christened then!

Did you have her panties hanging on the doorknob by any chance?

JRM said...

YAY!!!! Lovely!!!! Glad you guys are finding a bit of time to get together! woot!

Scorpio said...

Very hot !!

Anonymous said...

Missing hearing from the two of you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too. I'm afraid of the bookmark to wear off caused by excessive clicking.