Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finally, A keyboard and a browser that doesn't suck...

I've been surfing using my state of the art (from three years ago) phone. It features what I found out to be an obsolete platform (Openwave). It deserves to be obsolete. I found out it was obsolete after about thirty minutes of searching for updates on the web which would have taken all of 15 seconds on any other device.

I don't have the time or the space here to explain how difficult even the most basic functions are.

To make things worse, 1/2 the blogs I read weren't accessible at all saying "unsupported content type." None of the blogs I read could I go to the leave a content page, and forget about getting to the new post page here...ARGGGGH.

I HATE AT&T (I'll spare you the even longer rant here as to why) but I am seriously tempted to go back to them after 12 years of resolve never to give them another dime just to get an i-Phone.

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JRM said...

I do love my iPhone, mostly. It's short on some features, though, like texting a picture. Texting in general is a bit clunky. There are new apps that help. And web browsing is mostly good.