Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best Laid Plans. - The Husband

I am back at work now but wanted to catch up on Blogging a bit.

Prior to my last visit home we had both been in sync in ultra-horny mode. I tried to stay flexible in my mind and not let the fairly specific plans we made become some kind of necessary kinky road map to my time off. What we had talked about sounded extremely hot. In the past we had had similar conversations in the style of 'making plans' but reality and real life intrudes. I just wanted to be more in the moment when I got home.

The time before with no real plans at all I though was more fulfilling, so I took our discussions as just fantasy talk and enjoyed them for that by themselves.

Still, the idea sounded really hot. The wife was in a pretty subbie place. Her idea was that I would place a bolster under her hips, and tie her down with her ass in the air. For the day. On cam.

I would watch the toddler, and go about my normal activities for my time off, whether it be catching up my laundry, doing some cooking, (I like to cook a lot, and at the camp, my meals are all made for me, good, but not quite up to the creative standards I enjoy.) maybe catch up on some online sites I can't reach through the camps, cyber cafe's filters, that sort of thing.

When the mood struck, I was going to enter the room and pick an orifice, or redden her backside, or whatever. We had been having some discussion of insertion fun , maybe taking suggestions from whatever audience had gathered...It sounded pretty hot.

My favorite suggestion she had was that I engage somebody in a little cyber dalliance while she assumed the roll of inflatable fuck-doll.

I tend to work long hours and rarely run into anyone online at the times I try, but just before I left I ran into somebody that I hadn't talked to in a while and she seemed enthused with the idea.

So I worked my last shift..(leaving for work at 6:00pm, and getting back to camp at about 8:30am) then drove about 5 hours because I had given a ride back to our metropolis to a coworker...

I am not real sure how it is that I thought I could be up 20 hours straight drive that far and organize a multi-media, multi-player sexual spectacle. On the way home this reality occurred to me. So I slept.

I sleep a lot when I get home, especially when I have a week of night shifts. I groggily woke up and somehow thought it was about 3:00 in the afternoon when it was actually about 6:30pm. I knew the wife had to check in for her job about 3:00 and when I saw her getting ready I didn't realize that we both needed to get ready for an evening function for one of the kids. I sleepily told her not to put any pants on yet, and urged her over to the bed. I tried hard to make up for lost time with a round the world tour. She was compliant, and sexy and fun and as per usual multi-orgasmic. I didn't actually put a lot of effort into her pleasure, knowing she'd have a good time regardless and just selfishly rutted like a roughneck just off the rigs. I recall grabbing her by the hair (gently) and guiding her face into a more fuckable some point I decided some actual pussy was called for so I fucked her that way a while, contorting her awkwardly (for her) with legs raised. I like that position because in a semi-sit-up angle like that she has a good view of her own vagina as my cock, slippery with her juices glides in and out. I often urge her to masturbate while I fuck her. Funny that as open as she is she usually seems to wait for the suggestion before she does.

With her ankles above her earlobes that tends to raise her ass off the bed, presenting the third port on my world tour. I decided a little Greek was in order and I don't mean gyro's and falafel.

As I entered her there was some obvious discomfort. It reminded me of the description of a wry look on the actresses face that a friend of ours described in her favorite anal porno. I mentioned it to my wife saying that Whitney would have loved the look on her face. That made the pain kind of hot, I think. So I was careful, but the wife explained it hurt but it was a good hurt, and I got a bit more vigorous. It was pretty animalistic. I pounded away and she writhed and bucked, and it was over probably quicker than it takes to tell.

Afterward she apparently was a little injured. Ooops. But hot.

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